"The epicentre of #COVID19 remains in the Americas where more than 50% of the world’s cases have been recorded.

But we know from the first two situations that it is never too late to bring the virus under control, even if there’s been explosive transmission"-@DrTedros

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El 2 de julio fue el Día del Filólogo. Se me pasó, pero publico hoy la ilustración. Feliz nitter.net/search?q=%23DíaDelFilólogo, aunque llegue tarde.

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El 30 de junio finaliza el plazo para presentar candidaturas a la cuarta edición del Premio Borau-RAE al mejor guion cinematográfico, en memoria del cineasta y académico José Luis Borau, fallecido en 2012. Más información: ow.ly/NVDM50A5KXf.

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**Initial COVID-19 infection rate may be 80 times greater than originally reported**

"A new study estimates that the number of early COVID-19 cases in the U.S. may have been more than 80 times greater and doubled nearly twice as fast as originally believed."


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After showcasing our roadmap for PeerTube V3, we are happy to announce that version 2.2 is out. Let's look around and see what it brings us: joinpeertube.org/en_US/news#re

‪Lucha Libre Taco Shop‬

‪“If you are a Luchador, please wear both masks!”‬

Hi everybody, i am new at this instance, i came from a bigger instance but i just wanted to have a more academic profile as just-in-case.

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