BLM, my two cents 

We should do better than calling a stop on police brutality. It is a symptom, not the root cause. Better public education and healthcare might be ONE way to go. History will repeat itself unless fairness is garuanteed which could really bring forth structural changes.

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Hi! I'm Alison, a PhD student in at University of . I'm finding a way to calculate ages of stars that are small, cool, and too old for us to currently measure — which will help teach us about the history of the Milky Way 🌌, the stars of "habitable" planets 🪐, and the physics of magnetic dynamos (ie the source of Earth's magnetic poles) 🧭.

I also love , , and working towards a safer, greener, and more just world 😊✊

Ask me space questions!

I finally got a better score in my ml model than my teammates... So we have to maximize F1 scores for the estimate, so I hacked the estimator provided by sklearn and let it to use 1 - F1 as a loss function. It worked out pretty well😂

So China 🇨🇳 recently stopped allowing students to go to Universities in ROC/Taiwan 🇹🇼. Could be a prelude to something bad.

From what I gathered, some mainland students had good experience in Taiwan, and some even contributed to local social movements. Shame that both governments did not treat them fairly.

Shame that history had to end on this note.

COVID-19, Privacy

RT @mikarv: Governments cannot be trusted w/ social network data from Bluetooth. So w/ colleagues from 7 unis, 5 countries, we've built & legally analysed a bluetooth COVID proximity tracing system that works at scale, where the server learns nothing about individuals

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Now that I think about it, FOSS software takes root in the ideal of civil liberty.

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New on in :

Harnessing the infrastructure
for an efficient African response to COVID-19

Taken from @AfricArxiv on the birdsite.

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covid-19, john oliver, uspol 

"Meanwhile we've been forced to confront some of the strangest, darkest implications of our national mindset, in which market worship threatens to become a fucking death cult."

-- John Oliver and his writing staff, 30 March 2020

COVID-19 (?) 

Working remotely doesn't make a big difference for me.

I am as stress out as ever.

I hope my semester proejct go well.

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The English language: Let's make "a personal matter" and "a personnel matter" mean pretty much the opposite thing, and the only difference in pronunciation between them be which syllable is stressed

The English language: *Rubs hands together excitedly*

Nationalism, Anecdote 

The Chinese students I met just coming to 🇪🇺 for master studies are waaaaayyyyy more nationalistics (and conservative?) than those who I met 4 years ago coming to 🇺🇸 for bachelor programs.

I wonder what people from 30 years ago would think about that 🤔 Also really curious about what happened in China (and the World to be fair) in the past few years (duh?)

My time in preventative in -19:

I should have seen it coming, but I am still under prepared for the abdominal in China. My prepared a bunch of VPNs on macOS as my daily driver, but non for Windows, which I need for projects.

I spent a whole evening trying to get VPNs running. They are still very unstable. I have trouble getting OS patches and softwares for work. Darn it.

Trump, CPC, Strong Language 

This two idiots need to go

No I am not talking about Zhao

Man I am just tired of the nationalist outlook governing the Chinese populace rn. Really arrogant.

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