Anyone here writes social sciences thesis in the open? GitLab, GitHub or similar?

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@dbs @cassandreces:

Ridiculous as it sounds, I was told:

1. If I shared it publicly, I might receive comments on it which I'm not allowed to receive (??).
2. Receiving comments would mean I couldn't prove the thesis was an original work.

(IIRC. Been ages since I looked at that e-mail.)

As if people don't receive comments on private theses and as if keeping it secret somehow proves its your original work!

@cassandreces Hmm, that's an interesting thought.

I'm not yet at the proposal stage, but tentatively planning a publication-based thesis.

While I'm pro-open, my approach will likely be to push major revisions to a public repo, but keep the initial fumbling efforts & minor revisions private, both at the level of individual papers as well as for the final manuscript.

The individual papers might be complicated by co-authoring tech choices, too...

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