Which are the things you learned/are learning during your PhD, that you value the most?

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@cassandreces How to work on open-ended things.

I had already some research experience, so finding new things wasn't... new (badum tschhh), but what was very different was being in a position where I got to define what's the problem I'm working on, what's the approach I'm taking, and basically be able to keep at it until you get something like an answer.

Full disclaimer: I'm only a #PhDon't though, and I doubt I will ever find the spoons & time to finish writing the dissertation, especially considering that the only “benefit” would be getting called Dr. (and, arguably, a sense of closure).

@cassandreces I went from not really confident, to being very assertive.

To keep building and working and not give up.
To defend your ideas.
To read through papers quickly, connect different concepts and identify new approaches.
To stay relaxed if somebody comments your work in ways which sound demotivating.

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