I'm back to this beautiful place , where I should be more often.

Has any of you started a PhD in a different discipline than the one you studied before? How did you survive?

I switched from environmental sciences to STS and it's still a struggle...

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@cassandreces I did my bachelors in Civil, and completed my PhD in CS.

I think it actually helped that my bachelors was not in CS.

@cassandreces it helped that I had 2 years of course work, but honestly I still feel like I have a ongoing catch up work to do, post-PhD. Honestly, teaching intro classes helps enormously, even if it has its extra work requirements.

@Aepasek that's such a good point, teaching intro classes seems a great strategy! As I'm far away from my university now I was thinking of making blog posts...

@cassandreces Bachelor's in mathematical physics, currently doing a PhD in computational biology and cancer.

It took me a while to get used to it because biological experiments are quantitatively messy and unclear, and there are lots of important caveats to everything involved and how they affect measurements.

I started by reading introductory textbooks/review papers getting a sense of the kinds of questions others asked, and seeing what quantitative people like me did in their own research

@jrhawley nice! I would have loved to have some orientation regarding *which* bibliography to read... STS is huge...

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