Hi everyone! Which are your recommended readings on intersectional feminism and technology?

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@cassandreces cyborg manifesto is a bit weird on the intersectionality but also a very good starting place of ideas

Also Metropolarity is a cool scifi collective that may have stuff relevant to your needs (I loooove All That's Left)

@QuakerWanker yup I'm trying to enlarge the readings I have, so I'll check the scifi collective, thanks for that recommendation! 😍

@cassandreces Wendy Chun, Lisa Nakamura, and Saphia Noble are great in the general, and specifically re: digital networks

@cassandreces Alondra Nelson and Jessie Daniels are two writers working at that juncture that come to mind.

@ariaritz +1 I had the opportunity to meet absolutely by chance in Chile not so long ago... It was great!

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