open science, open hardware, right to repair 

@yoyehudi why doesn't it show the heart... It was a heart ❤️

hey yall! tomorrow/later today at 5pm utc, @cassandreces will be presenting at about open science hardware communities around the world! 🔧 ^_^

open science, open hardware, right to repair 

open science, open hardware, right to repair 

New post-- I share why I think it's important for us, open science hw people, to address more the repair angle of , together with the movement

Summer school, recordings 

Really happy to be presenting at the :D Also wishing all talks can get recorded so I can check them after this ultra busy week...

I spent the weekend playing with at the hackathon and it was more fun than I could have imagined! Dipped my toes into :rstats: Shiny for the first time too.

Thanks for the invite, @cassandreces!

@bgcarlisle I saw all of these in my head in 5 seconds and it was amazing, thanks!

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@esty I studied environmental sci but my PhD now is on Science and Technology Studies (STS)... Sociology of tech

@dbs you're welcome! The project is young but I feel it's *really* needed

expat, life, feelings 

@esty sounds reasonable, my perception is that in natural sciences that difference is even more important than in e.g. my field. But it's only a feeling.

For those of you who may have missed it, documentary on the stories of the supporting students' protests in 2013

immigration, life, feelings 

@melissaboiko also, I've been in a long distance relationship for a while, it's hard... But it worked out. All my love for you <3

immigration, life, feelings 

@melissaboiko yup, I got brazilian frieds I love so I get it completely. In another dimension of things I had to left my home in BsAs and go back to my parents' after YEARS because my salary as phd was below the line of poverty :P so I always try to weight everything.

But besides that I still find it hard in the social. What you mention about getting involved with people IRL seems absolutely the way, it is what I'm trying now :)

@melissaboiko oh no! I found out that supporting my claims with numbers and papers in Nature saying open science is good :P helped, also lots of support from the OpenCon community.

@VictorVenema that sounds absolutely relatable to what 90% of scientists in GOSH experience, which instruments do you use? You could ask if someone has an open hardware approach for your instruments at

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