Because of the pandemic and everyone isolating at home, I am offering my books for free to help you stay sane. If you want a short read or an analysis in the wrongs of Capitalism, have a read!

@Cyborgneticz Aristotle would roll his eyes and send the tech bro on a fools errand 😂

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I really feel I predicted the Body Politic and moment to the Left in my book ”Semiotic Bulimia”

I know no one has read them. That’s probably my fault. So please pick up your copies and get back to me. I'm more jonesing for a discussion than for sales

I'm sorry to be kind of marketing. My books are currently free at the moment from my publisher Smashwords for . I've spent about...14 years writing them both? Anyway, if anyone is interested. I don't care about making money.

Mass Shooting News 

It’s just people being horrible to other people.

Give them an instrument through which they can vent their rage and, well, here we are.

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Mass Shooting News 

I think we discussed this in one of my classes. That mass shootings will only prompt more and the media ”event” of a mass shooting creates a kind of symbol (in Academia we called it the ”Sign” and ”Signifier”), which is then attached to future shootings.

Sadly, this has become true now. Post-modernism or Derridian Deconstruction can try to make sense of these, but really, it’s just rage. Rage and a gun.

I'm a part of this instance and I love it, but I don't know what to contribute. Sorry everyone.

My book analyzing culture through the lens if branding and constantly shifting identity, as filtered through William Gibson’s novel ”Pattern Recognition”, is in paperback now. It's selling somewhat.

I kind of predicted the rise of the current Populism in 2004.

But I'm not sure what to discuss here

Dying over my student who referenced the text and lectures in arguing against Chomsky.

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remember remember the fourth the fifth
the minor fall and the major lift
the gunpowder the treason hallelujah

I wrote stuff and it got published. I'd be very grateful if you took a look. You don't have to buy my books, but I’d love feedback. Thanks!

Star trek 

The borg are good and cool in exactly four trek eps:

Q Who - S02E16 (TNG)
The Best of Both Worlds, Part I - S03E26 (TNG)
The Best of Both Worlds, Part II - S04E01 (TNG)
I, Borg - S05E23 (TNG)

Every other time they show up in trek, they suck

I would love to return to the Academy. Focus on Cultural Studies, especially the effect burgeoning technology has on the development of culture. YouTube stars existing as nothing more than simulacra.

The brand having more power than identity when analyzing Instagram and “Influencers” whose whole purpose is to create nothing as meaning.

We have a world now where language and icons are discarded for the Icon, the rotating signifier with no signified

“Philosophy … should not imagine that specialized work in epistemological theory, or whatever else prides itself on being research, is actually philosophy. Yet a philosophy forswearing all of that must in the end be irreconcilably at odds with the dominant consciousness. Nothing else raises it above the suspicion of apologetics.”
-Why Still Philosophy, Theodor Adorno

Currently exploring identity as defined by the products we consume. I wrote my Masters thesis on it (actually got it published but identity has always fascinated.

Especially from reading Foucault’s “Discipline and Punish.” How authentic is our internalized self?

@bgcarlisle Thank you :) I’m glad this instance exists. I’ve been missing good discussions


I have my MA in and . I was pursuing a at Goldmith’s College of London, but my visa ran out and I never completed it. That was a decade ago. I’ve published two books but consider them nonsensical scribblings.

I usually hang out on the instance, but had to join this one for the discussions. Nice to meet you all!

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