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I am new at this instance: I'm an architect and PhD on social sciences who studies the commodifications between , and in the context of the Urban Studies and I am now pursuing a more data-scientist approach. I've been using for some years and I am now starting with

I'm looking for people with similar research interests or who can help me improving my skills.

Thanks @cxli for kindly introducing me to this nice ritual.


💡Do you know that collaborates on a new project on global ?

The study "Smart Cities in Global Comparative Perspective: Worlding and Provincializing Relationships" will compare smart city initiatives in 7 cities around the world. ⏩


Cooperation Can Be Contagious Particularly When People See the Benefit for Others

"Seeing someone do something good for someone else motivates witnesses to perform their own helpful acts, an insight that could help drive cooperative behavior in communities navigating through the health crisis."

A must-read thread on 's dark side and how does that effect staff's mental health


Since it's let's talk about the specific ableism regarding mental health in academia. There has been a lot of concern about student mental health (see research for context) but less consideration that lecturers come from that population>



[blog] When Field or Lab Work is not an Option - Leveraging Open Data Resources for Remote Research

A collaboration of the rOpenSci team with subject experts …



Firstly, don't call your matrix 'matrix'. Would you call your dog 'dog'? Anyway, it might clash with the function 'matrix'.
-- Barry Rowlingson
R-help (October 2004) #Rstats

question about : how do you add icons (such orcid) in your profile's links?

🍍 Academic publishing is massively profitable
🍍 There is a shortage of stable long-term academic jobs
🍍 Most academic journal editors are unpaid volunteers
🍍 Editors are mostly people who are already professors or have another stable long-term job, and this just helps them to advance their career
🍍 Everyone has a story about how a journal editor dropped the ball and something bad happened to their paper

What if we—stay with me now—turned "Journal Editor" into a legit, paid, stable career path?


Really delighted that the authors of will be speaking (online, obvs) on 4 June at 3pm UK time. Please share this link widely (and sign up!) and I are so keen to have lots of people attend!



Studying labour in the gig economy can sometimes lead to despair.

To counter that, I'm collecting stories of regulators, workers, and activists winning/forcing pro-worker change.

What is your best example of a success that has tamed platform power and delivered for gig workers?



COVID-19 is not just an epidemiological emergency. It’s a crisis of care, a disaster unravelling and intensifying issues of inequality, neglect & sacrifice. Our story (with for “Solidarity and Care during the COVID-19”


DORA, The Declaration on Research Assessment, aimed to recognize the need to improve the ways in which the outputs of are evaluated. A must read (and sign and join) for scholars who love their work but not the ways it is evaluated:

Just discovered DORA, The Declaration on Research Assessment, aimed to recognize the need to improve the ways in which the outputs of are evaluated.

A must read (and a must sign and a must join) for those scholars who love their work but not the ways it is evaluated, which ofen has nothing to do with quality or science:

I am unemployed. I don't believe I will be returning to academia.

If you or someone you know is looking for a high skilled, highly motivated Unix admin, technical writer, infosec consultant, or tech researcher, please get in touch. Willing to relocate anywhere (after the COVID-19 situation, of course) and work remotely in the interim.

(Please feel free to star and boost.)


🆕New IN3 blog post‼️

👉"Opinion Article: in times of the ".

✍🏻 By Isabel Ruiz-Mallén, researcher at group.

📌Check it out!



"Academic work — in which career advancement is based on the number and quality of a person’s scientific publications, and their ability to obtain funding for research projects — is basically incompatible with tending to children."

That's the problem! We need to favour research groups that take into account this kind of factors, not just aim for prestige/money. Building a is not easy, and parents (specially mothers) have very useful skills for due to its challenges

Food for thought: lockdown policies forces work, cares, household... to coexist. Unfortunately, this has contributed to broaden gender inequalities. is no exeption to that: during these days more papers than ever have been submitted, but less than ever were written by females.

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