Ah, textbook prices:

<< Having grown at many times the rate of inflation, the cost of a leading economics book can be over $250; a law school casebook plus supplement can cost $277. Adding to such prices is the dubious trend of requiring students to obtain digital access codes, averaging $100, to complete homework assignments.

Professors love tough questions. Here’s one we need ask ourselves: Are we helping rip off our students? >>


<< The root problem is that it is just too easy for us, the professors, to spend other people’s money. Just like doctors who prescribe expensive medicine, we don’t feel the pain of buying a $211 book of uneven quality and no real use when the course is finished, or a digital access code that costs $100 and is designed at least in part to disable the used-book market. >>

True, but also kind of a plastic-straw-ban way of thinking. Onus on the individual, the basic system blameless.

"Killing links is a strategy, designed to keep people from the open web. The web is where we can make sites that don’t abuse data in the ways that Facebook properties do. Links take us to places where we can make choices that Instagram never would."


transportation strike in Vancouver, birdsite mention 

Are you a professor of computer science or related field? I'd like to chat about research interests and returning to do graduate school (PhD) as a successful industry SWE.

transportation strike in Vancouver, birdsite mention 

transportation strike in Vancouver, birdsite mention 

The name "Philjobs" when translated from the Greek means "love(r) of jobs" which, like, no thanks.

Addressing heavy industry is a huge part of fighting climate change.

You know what would have a bigger impact? One we can all do?

Stop driving SUVs.


Stop worrying about straws; until government/industry changes, our best next step is to dump SUVs.

Hello to all,
system-d.org/ is a new free, encrypted, collaborative project platform with anonymity features.
The site is available for managing each of our projects with your friends, association or your team.
Four features for now:
- a forum
- a calendar
- an interactive map
- and a todo list.

Have fun!

Going to speak at Lakehead Uni in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada) and a quick look at the weather reminds me—right, Vancouver doesn’t really have a winter like the rest of Canada does.

My son at a climate rally in downtown Vancouver today, being stark but realistic.

Back home in Vancouver after 2 days on the far east coast of Canada in Newfoundland. I liked St. John’s a lot. Someday would like to see more of the island! View from Signal Hill.

False advertising, St John’s, Newfoundland. No chips were in sight.

I’m flying to St John’s Newfoundland tomorrow. I’ve never been there before. And it’s very far away! Looks like 8 hours flying time from Vancouver.

I’m very happy that students at our university made a successful argument to senior leadership to invest in open educational resources through a fund that faculty, staff and students can apply to to support use, adaptation & creation of ! open.ubc.ca/oer-fund/

Happy Monday! Join us in shaping open education futures in New Zealand. Registrations now open for our national symposium. Please share the gift of knowledge: oer.nz/coep19symp

Just learned about a Canadian conference on Universal Design for Learning that has been happening biannually for the last few years. It’s in October in Victoria, BC. Looks interesting! udlcanada.ca

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