Flashback to student days trying to finish something late at night—yesterday learned (or had forgotten) that a grant proposal was due to an internal reviewer the next day (today). Remembered how difficult writing is after a very long day and week and trying to stay awake. Fortunately there’s a great group working on this and we all chipped in!

I wonder how many educators are on here.

There were thriving communities of educators on Tumblr and Twitter, but Tumblr's went to heck after moderated hashtags went away and Twitter is ... Twitter.

The fediverse has Scholar.social, but that's more of an instance for college/university level academics. I'd like to connect with other K-12 educators.

Before you put a dozen emojies between words, imagine how hearing the below text could become tiring, even exhausting, and a cognitive drain on screen reader users.

You Clapping hands are Clapping hands causing Clapping hands me Clapping hands to Clapping hands become Clapping hands tired.

We got a second cat mat for the cats to sit on next to the window so they wouldn’t have to fight over the single one we had before. But now they both love the second one and are squished together on it!

Scenes from a day hike yesterday to Elfin Lakes, BC, Canada. 2 hour drive from Vancouver (approximately) then 3 hour walk there, then lunch, then back. Long day, but gorgeous!


Watching a spider build a web right outside our front door—it’s a fascinating and mesmerizing process! Tried to take a photo but my phone camera can’t do it justice. Main concern now is people going in and out of the door ruining all the work the little spider is doing right now!

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Pretty selfishly angry of me, but... You know? Someone should make a completely audio-based OS. Then when some sightling comes around asking for visuals because they're a graphic designer who loves your OS, just say "well you put it in because its for your needs and depends entirely on you. I mean, be the change you want the see in the world you user." I shouldn't keep thinking like this but my goodness it feels good after a long hard mentally and emotionally draining day at work.

@Argus @ljwrites
I heard an example about this using stairs that really stuck with me.

There’s no physical reason we don’t build stairs such that each step is 1 meter high. That would still count as stairs, and you could climb them and get to buildings if you were athletic enough. They would just be less useful to most people.

The built environment is just that, built. It’s not that disabled people are “disabled” inherently, but that the environment around them wasn’t built to be useful for them the way that most stairs are built of such a height that ambulatory people find them useful.

People tend to think a disability means not being able to see, hear, walk etc., and sure, physical or mental conditions are disabling in some or many situations. And you know what? We can CHANGE situations.

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It may bring #accessibility issues into clearer focus if we call "inaccessible" what it really is: Disabling.

TRC Report Online update: added Appendices 2.1 & 2.2. These list all the residential schools in Canada and when they were operating. nevillepark.github.io/trc/appe

Thanks to @Skirmisher for helping me with the for loop for converting the columns!

Wow, just learned that @nev has been putting the Canadian Truth and Reconciliation report executive summary into a searchable and more readable format on multiple devices. Great work! nevillepark.github.io/trc/#tab

Dear #fediverse

The delightful #openscience curated list has been hugely expanded with many great resources.

Open science, #foss and #opendata are flourishing. And it is much needed too. Browse the list and suggest your own resources, either by creating an issue or sending a PR.


Many thanks to @VictorVenema for the help in compiling the list.

Wanna start your own #delightful list? Read how to join our project: codeberg.org/teaserbot-labs/de

anyone out there working on variations of copyleft-ish licenses that include provisions for machine learning models trained on the content in question? (i'd personally like to have, e.g., MIT and CC-BY licenses that include a clause like "any model trained on this must also include the attribution")

I participated in a "backyard bioblitz" with inaturalist.ca recently, and took a picture of these gorgeous flowers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Some kind of daisy? Or something else?

Hi everyone, I had the chance to make a little something, following @indie tootorial (pun mine sorry) at laurakalbag.com/custom-emoji-o (credits also to @socrates who provided me feedback to add the white outline and put this online): a custom archaeology trowel emoji :trowel:
I'm no actual artist, yet another archaeologist, bewitched by this object symbolic of our discipline... so I'm pretty proud of it!!
You're free to share this with other instances (image under CC4 and made with GIMP) ;D

That’s a downside of remote work. There are also several upsides too! Less time and money spent commuting, saving money on buying lunch when I forget to bring some with me, and more…

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