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Christina Hendricks @chendricks

Excellent article by a colleague at my university, on the importance of kindness and compassion in our classes. So many students dealing with so many difficulties.

Today I learned a little about h5p:

Sounds intriguing from educational perspective (I teach at a university). Anyone have any thoughts on it?

that idea for a thing you'd like to write?
write a short, non-binding, no fucks given, just keep going version of it
then toss it away, but keep what you've learnt from the experience
or keep it, if it turns out to be good

win-win this bugger

@bgcarlisle was it 2000 before and you got it down to that? I know that kind of feeling! If so, it can feel like--ok, almost there, this is gonna happen.

@katebowles I should get to work early enough to take that kind of pause. I find myself rushing every morning. With partner and son, all of us just in time for what we need to do. And the day starts with us harried already.

@gemlog Good question. I really don't know. Something caught on in this moment from the various media stories about it. But why in this moment, exactly? I don't know.

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Went camping for four days and wasn't sure there would be internet access. There was (via phone data) but I consciously chose not to use it. Four days without email, news, or anything else internet based was pretty lovely. Just my family and the forest and the ocean. Good break.

But catching back up on emails is not nearly as easy as I'd hoped it would be.

@katebowles @Downes @xldrkp @dajbelshaw The left column for me shows all the posts of people I follow, not just my own posts. And the right column is as Kate says--it switches based on what you choose to show there.

Good read: "Open Source Friday" wants to remind employees to contribute:

A good initiative as I think. And it could be adopted for the educational context as well: Teachers could remind students every week to contribute to the net as they build their knowledge on the open web every day. They could file an issue on GitHub or add to Wikipedia or write a blogpost. Many opportunities exist.

@thebestsophist ideally a whole site, but can do it page by page. That's probably what will be needed?

Looking for suggestions:

What is a good tool to check websites for accessibility? Ideally something free and very easy to use for those who don't understand code much. And something that not only points out what's wrong but gives suggestions on how to fix it (if that exists).


It's depressing and deeply embarrassing when I realize how little attention I've paid to accessibility in designing websites, including for courses. The guidelines aren't hard to follow(except captioning for videos, which is time consuming) & can make a world of difference. I don't know why I haven't done it before.

But at least I am coming to this, slowly. It's becoming part of my workflow. Fixing old stuff will take longer.

@Sargoth Wait--what final dot? Do you mean at the end of a sentence, or something else? If the former, I do it only if I'm out of characters.

Ha...just noticed you left out the final dot in the sentences. So you already answered my question. And apparently I've gotten so used to that happening on birdsite I didn't notice it at first!

@xldrkp I know there has been some discussion in the community about the platform but I haven't been part of that discussion yet. I know that the ability to both live stream and record is important, along with being easy to set up and use. And free--we are a bunch of volunteers. Jitsi looks possibly promising, but perhaps a bit complicated for a newbie to set up? Seems like a lot of tools & I don't know which to use.

As I am designing lessons for next year's curriculum, I am reminded of this thing that I say often during testing season.

If you can use the internet to cheat on my test, it's my fault for making a low quality test.

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@xldrkp I couldn't make the first session--too early in the morning in my time zone. How did it go? I could only stay for a short time in the later session.

@xldrkp Hi! I'm going to be connecting virtually with this conference tomorrow at 5:45 Hamburg time! See here:

Looking forward to in !

Today and tomorrow the community will meet in the north of Germany to join/give sessions and workshops on various topics.

The event will be in German, please find more information on the website

Tomorrow me and a colleague will host a workshop on static site generators, , and for producing and sharing .