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Christina Hendricks @chendricks
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WiFi and email (and numerous other things) were unavailable at my uni all morning today. And it was refreshing because there wasn’t anything I *had* to do with those. So nice to not have email coming in for a few hours.

But if I were teaching or taking a summer course and couldn’t access the course website system I think I may have been more stressed if I didn’t know how long it would be down!

But I gotta say, things got back up and running pretty quickly. Not sure who did what but a big thanks to them!

Apparently all the stuff was working’s just that there was a problem with authentication so we couldn’t get *into* them.

@chendricks not just UBC. It caused much angst across the BC post-secondary system. There are a lot of provincial shared services that run on UBC infrastructure.

@clintlalonde Yikes. Glad it got up and running relatively quickly for how many problems it caused. But then again, I don’t know if it got back up as quickly elsewhere as it did at UBC. We had email back around lunchtime and WiFi back around the same time I think.