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Okay, website for workshop I'm facilitating on open educational practices at Davidson College in North Carolina (tomorrow and next day) is now done!

Includes schedule, slides, bibliography, and more.



Very clean and easy to read and navigate.

Heh, 'pedagogy' :-) I distinctly remember stumbling over that word for the first time in 2004 when I was coding stuff for Moodle.

There is one little thing with the size of one slide. I am supplying a screenshot.

@gemlog thanks for that. It looked fine when I did it before but I’ll check it out again when I’m back on my laptop.

Which page is that on? There are two pages with the sides and it may work on one but not the other.

@clhendricksbc Let me know if you need help for things to check out to make it smaller.

@gemlog I just ended up doing something different. Was using a WordPress plugin to embed ppt but it could only work with smallish files. So I ended up using speakerdeck and embedding from there. Was fastest thing I could figure out to do.

@clhendricksbc Yes, I checked it out.

I'm not saying it is the case here, but one thing I've noticed people do over the years is import a huge image into their document and then resize it down visually to what they actually need.

That huge file is still in the document, only presented smaller. Times x num of slides...

It's best to first resize the image to something close and then import it.

Photos from digital cams are massive. Good for printing. Screens don't need that resolution.

@gemlog Oh, that's a great piece of advice! I do that...I just import images of whatever size and then make them them smaller on the slides with resizing. I used to import smaller size images and then when I resized them up they looked terrible. So I went the other direction.

And now I see why my files are so darn big!

I will work on this from here on out. Not sure I have time to fix these current slides I'm using today and tomorrow...

"and then when I resized them up they looked terrible."

Yes. This makes sense when you think about it.

If you have a large image, you can throw away information and make a smaller one. 10 dots become one dot with an average of the colours.

If you have a small image, it can't invent the missing information when making the image larger. One 'dot' becomes 10 dots that look like a square the same colour...

So just resize them a little bit bigger than you think you need.

@gemlog But...not sure I have best idea on how to resize images before putting into presentations. If the sites I download them from (eg pixaby or unsplash) offer download sizes that's one thing; if they don't, what could I use to downsize? (I use a Mac by the way)

@clhendricksbc OK, so this may be the thing that will be helpful going forward then.

As it happens I am not a big fan of MS or Apple, so I'm of limited help in recommending software :-(

Is a site I found

GIMP is a very capable replacement for photoshop (unless you have muscle memory from long years of using photoshop and/or Very particular pro requirements)

I'm sure there must be some one-click resizers for osX on apple/mac, but I can't help

@gemlog Ah, I already have GIMP but haven't used it to resize images...just to do other stuff. I can easily look up how to do it on GIMP though.

I understand not liking MS or Apple...I am slowly learning my way around other options! :)

@clhendricksbc The gimp is over-the-top for our application.
There really should be a very simple click and drool app for your system that can simply resize one or more images at once. I'm sorry I am just unfamiliar with your OS, but I'm sure one exists.

@gemlog Well, I can do some searching around and see if something like that is possible. Thanks!

@clhendricksbc for e.g., this is what a simple right-click over an image gives me.

@gemlog Yeah, I don't have anything like that list. I just have a few options, none of which allows me to resize. There is "compress," but it just creates a zip file.

Maybe there is some other way that is fairly easy that just isn't obvious. Maybe I can find it. If not, GIMP works fine.

@gemlog Oh cool—this is easy! Thank you so much for the tip. It will be really useful to have smaller slides files. Mine have been really big because I like to use a lot of images, and I didn’t know that I should resize them. Thanks!

@clhendricksbc Ok. Sorry. I'll stop now! :-)
Ask a geek the time and they tell you how to build a watch!

@chendricks Kudos Christina - I love how you provide #FOSS alternatives to workshop participants who don't want to sacrifice their freedoms. Well done for leading by example.

@mackiwg I’m trying! I would like us all to decide together. If anyone doesn’t want to use google we don’t use it.

Am looking for alternative to ...

@chendricks Don't have experience using padlet - but perhaps you could apply a #FOSS kanban board for posting and discussing cards?

@mackiwg Oh, that's an interesting idea. I do have access to such a board through Sandstorm at If I have time tomorrow I'll see if I can set that up in time for the afternoon session of the workshop I'm facilitating tomorrow!

@chendricks Your resources on OER finding tools just helped me make a connection I was missing in my current project. Thank you!

@C_Daetwyler Oh that’s excellent! So glad what I made is useful beyond the workshop I did it for! That’s the whole point of sharing stuff like this. Thanks for letting me know!

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