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Christina Hendricks @chendricks
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I have news! I will start as Academic Director of the Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology at the University of British Columbia July 1! I’m currently Deputy Academic Director there.

Really excited and also a bit nervous but mostly excited! This is a fantastic centre with amazing people.

Sorry for the Birdsite, but here’s an official post:

@chendricks GO YOU, Christina!! Well done in pushing for this recognition. Based on what I've seen of your output here on Mastodon you're a consistent ally in the fight for open access in academia. It's really awesome to note your Uni obviously sees value in this too!

@david_ross Thanks so much, David! Looking forward to continuing that work and much more in supporting teaching and learning at our university and beyond. I am quite excited there is good recognition at UBC for the value of open education, open data, open science, and more.

@chendricks Congratulations! You will help make that technology do what we need it to do, easily!

@patrik Thank you! It’s a great opportunity and I’m excited to see what we can all do together.