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I have recently learned about Scholarly Hub, a membership-driven hub for sharing research and teaching, connecting with others, housing pre-prints, and more. Seems like something like but not for profit and that doesn't sell your data. Check it out:

Maybe kind of like a co-op for scholars?

@chendricks is terrible, barrage of upgrade pitches. Researchgate is much more useful.

@Matt_Noyes @chendricks sounds bad, I dislike Researchgate for all its gamification and the noninformative emails trying to lure you back to the webpage just to figure out if something is worth your attention. I wonder how well it really works on their average target user. must truly be terrible...

@metnix @Matt_Noyes My sense is that Researchgate and Academia do all those things because they need you to engage with the platform to make money. If Scholarly Hub is not about making money then I expect that kind of activity will be less. But this is a guess at this point.

@Matt_Noyes I haven't used Researchgate except that I sometimes try to download stuff from it and one has to be a member, which is less than ideal. my sense is that this new one (Scholarly Hub) would have stuff available even if you're not a member. The focus is on sharing and connection rather than money-making, and it's the latter that requires closing things off. AT least, that's how I'm reading their info so far.


Let's hope it develops well -- a cooperative academic research sharing site would be great.

I like Research Gate because I can follow people easily, download papers they make public, request copies of papers that are not uploaded to the site. The basic functionality does not require upgrading to a premium account (unlike

@chendricks it seems like a very positive initiative. I contributed a bit to their fund-raising campaign a little while ago and am eager to see it start launching.Hopefully they'll build their social networking features supporting ActivityPub--could be very interesting to see how that would extend around something Mastodonish.

@jc Oh interesting to imagine it could support ActivityPub. They say their features will be supported by members so if they get up and running then this could be suggested!

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