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Hello to those interested in open education and open educational resources: consider adding yourself to the open edu list on Trunk for mastodon, lists of people interested specific kinds of topics!

@clintlalonde @vickysteeves

@chendricks Thanks for pointing this out. I sent my request, too, but had problems with the API.

@chendricks @vickysteeves Thanks! Unfortuantly, I get an authentication error when I try to bulk follow the list. Still, the list is small and I can easily follow one by one. If this trunk thing works, it would help to solve one of the problems of discoverability in a distributed decentralized system like Mastodon.

@clintlalonde Huh. Did you report the error? I bet they want to fix it if something isn’t working! I didn’t try bulk following because I was only one on the list at the time (they created it on my request).

@chendricks I did. I went through the process a few times using their "if you run into errors, use this" link, which still borked, but tracked and logged the borkage to report back to their developers.

@clintlalonde Ok, well, hopefully that reporting of borkage will help. I agree that this could be a really useful tool.

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