Philosophy conference: let me sit and read my paper to you. Maybe I’ll have some slides with most of the text of my paper on them, so small you can’t possibly see it from the back. There won’t be mics in all the rooms so not everyone will be able to hear me or the questions.

Conferences on teaching & learning: [aghast sideways looks]

Me, attending one of each over past few days: moar teaching & learning, please!

@chendricks In physics, nobody reads a prepared text, *unless* it's from a PowerPoint slide with way too many words on it.

@bstacey Sigh. I often don’t go to philosophy conferences and then when I do I wonder if they’ll be better. Sometimes the presentations aren’t like that. But too many still are.

It’s telling that those that are about teaching, at the philosophy conferences, tend to be much better presentation-wise!

@chendricks way to prove stereotypes about philosphers true, philosophers! 😂 I loathe wordy academic presentations, ugh.

@jhlee Yeah, it’s unfortunate. I’m used to it because I’ve experienced it for over 20 years but still...I thought we’d have moved past it by now.

Yeh I always present in conferences both philosophy and political science in my teaching style which is pretty relaxed, not reading off pages, only using an outline, and being engaging.
It's always Way more fun

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