Now learning more about Mukurtu CMS: built with needs of Indigenous communities in mind as part of digital preservation system. Grew out of need to manage protocols for who should have access to content and when.

Includes traditional knowledge labels, which are ways of clearly labeling how certain items can be seen and used and by whom. Part of Local Contexts initiative

@chendricks Not sure why I already had that font shared out. Maybe for you last year even.
Anyhow, a friend was taking a criminology degree for the nisgaa govt and he couldn't afford a certain font, which is crazy. I found an open source one that covers all the first nation alphabets.

@gemlog That sounds very useful! But I can’t get that link to work on my phone for some reason.

@chendricks I don't know how your phone works, but the link works - it's just to the raw font file. Maybe a long click and save link as... I don't know how you'd install the font on your phone either.

@chendricks When you get to a pc, this is the character set of that font.

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