Grateful to those at the conference I'm attending who use the microphone instead of asking those of us with hearing difficulties to raise our hands if we can't hear. (& then half the time people speak up for a short period & then speak quietly again).

A gentle reminder that it's really not about whether one likes using the mic, or thinks one is loud enough w/o it, but rather about how one sounds to others, & there are lots of folks w/different levels of hearing out here!


@lauraritchie Thanks! I think it would be great if conferences not only provided mics but also had some kind of info for presenters that talked about why it’s good for people to use them when rooms are large-ish. It’s just socially awkward to have to interrupt someone by raising your hand in the middle of a talk to ask if they can speak more loudly. And no one wants to do that more than once in case the projection level goes back down again!

@chendricks @lauraritchie At last year's WorldCon using the mike was an official Rule. The moderators were in charge of reminding the "it's ok I'm loud" people that no, really, they need to use it.

It was really nice.

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