I'm editing a series of open textbooks for Philosophy courses, and am learning a lot along the way. Here is a blog post about some things I've learned about accessibility and publishing open textbooks on the Pressbooks platform:

@chendricks This is fantastic, thank you for all the work. I have just read through substance dualism.

It reads like Arendt with a more encyclopaedic touch. Very useful for revision/alignment of ideas, particularly if (like me) you never studied philosophy.

@ephemeral Oh my goodness...I hadn't logged on here in awhile and I missed this message. Thank you so much for letting me know the book is useful!

@chendricks - Thanks for sharing. That's a concise but valuable summary of pragmatic solutions for accessibility on the Pressbooks platform.

@mackiwg Sure! There is more, but I figured that was enough for tonight. There are lots of small process issues I've learned about when working on these books (not all about accessibility) and I want to document them all at some point besides just having them sit on the Rebus Community discussion threads!

@chendricks - Look forward to reading the next installment of lessons learned. I like how you have implemented image attributions using captions (but is potentially a challenge when thinking about remix scenarios outside of the Pressbooks platform) I have a keen interest in exploring the cross-over for integrating Pressbooks publications for OERu open online courses - so sharing your experiences are very valuable for us. Thank you.

@mackiwg Turns out we had to do image attributions with captions because the built in image attributions function on Pressbooks was configured in a way that made the attributions not quite right. See here:

And here:

Moving to captions for attribution was a workaround for now, until things get reworked. It's always something! :)

@chendricks - Workarounds are "hacks" for social innovation :-) - at least they function as "alt" descriptions for accessibility and highlight an opportunity for future open development. Ideally this attribution stuff should be integrated with the metadata of the image for cross platform reuse. We'll get there ;-).

@chendricks - FYI Greg Gay @greggy at Ryerson University has been working with us at OERu on a series of micro-courses on web accessibility based on a Pressbook publication for the OERu platform. We're learning as well 🙂 See for example:

@chendricks @greggy - This is also a workaround for now - but we're learning. PS - If you haven't noticed - the text of the learning pathways is pulled via an iframe from the associated Pressbook.

@mackiwg @greggy Ah, I see! I might not have noticed otherwise but it does indeed have that Pressbooks book look! :)

@chendricks @mackiwg Here's the full list of accessibility course. They are pretty much ready to go. We'll announce them in the next week or 2.

@greggy @mackiwg Wonderful! I myself am very interested in the intro to web accessibility one. I know a few things, but not many, and I'm sure I could learn a lot!

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