Here’s a thing I am very sad about re: having been absent here for so long. Apparently I missed a cool . Darn!

@chendricks We are collecting all the information and a lot of the recorded talks and info will be available!

@Cyborgneticz that’s great! Sounds like it was a fun thing and I hope to join if there’s another one.

@chendricks I have a feeling it might not be the last one :)

And many of the talks were recorded or are providing slides/transcripts

But we certainly would have loved too hear from you too!

@bgcarlisle I would love to participate if there’s another one! Looking forward to the materials from this one...

that post just reminded me that I still have to check up with people and see if their presentations were digitized or not.

Quite a few people couldn't sign up in time, or missed it entirely. Would be cool to have a back catalog of these, especially if becomes a recurring thing :)

Nice to meet you.

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