It’s been awhile. I’m here, I’m tired, but it’s a long weekend so I’m coming out of my stress shell a bit.

Here is Mika, not caring at all that I can’t get to all the puzzle pieces.

@dogtrax Thank you...good to return to this community. When I’m really stressed with work (or anything else) I tend to cocoon. Hopefully that will be less as the months go by. It’s been full on with work during the pandemic.


How many pieces has Mika put in their right places?...while you were not looking.

@Algot Just realized I never replied! Oops!

Well, I think Mika has been pretty stealthy, adding pieces in places I haven’t noticed! 🙂


♫Slipslidin' away...

No problem.

Don't know if I mentioned, my daughter is also a jigsaw puzzle person, recently.

Worked on four at the same time. Took a while, especially with no cat to help. We parents were better at saying "Wow" than actually finding pieces.

@Algot Wow, four at the same time! Far beyond me. 😉

I have found it to be very meditative during the high stress of the pandemic. I have to focus on something else, carefully looking at colour and shape. Most other things fall away. It has worked very well for me to relax!


Jigsaw puzzles are great for drawing focus away from the troubles of the day.

We have been fond of them for many years.

Working four at once is/has been beyond me, too. One at a time was my limit...but skill has faded with age.

I'm content to contribute small clusters from time to time.

Relax as often as you can!

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