A downside of remote work: I am on vacation and at home for a few days in between camping trips. Now that I’ve been working here for 16 months it feels like a place I should be working so it’s really hard (like, really) not to just check email and start doing work.

But it’s also really important to take this time off because I also haven’t had an extended vacation in 16 months and I’m so, so, so tired.

That’s a downside of remote work. There are also several upsides too! Less time and money spent commuting, saving money on buying lunch when I forget to bring some with me, and more…

@lauraritchie I hope you get a holiday! It is so, so worth it. On the first evening of my holiday at our camping site I sat on a rock by the ocean and just started uncontrollably crying from the relief of months and months of stress lifting. Better now!

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