There are many reasons to post a transcript with a video. First, accessibility. Also, skimmability (a word?)—good for anyone who wants to know if it’s going to be worth their time to invest an hour or more in watching an extended recording. Real-time captions don’t help much with that.

I know generating a transcript may take more time and effort. Are there useful tools to help with this? If there are captions already on a video is there something that can be used to auto create a transcript from them? And one that is accessible for screen readers?

@johnjohnston thanks, John. Does one get an srt file easily from a captioned video? Or how does it get created?

@chendricks I haven't tried it yet, but Vosk could be a solution to generate a transcript from an audio file

@chendricks It could be possible to upload to YouTube as private, get the auto transcript, perhaps use oTranscribe when you watch and correct manually (sounds more time consuming than it actually is).

@chendricks @marcjones I've done basically this, but using the (also free) VS Code text editor instead of oTranscribe. I just learned about oTranscribe. (Thanks Marc!)

VS Code has plug-ins that work with captions. SRT is the file extension, if I recall correctly—effectively a text file with timestamps.

If one is hosting with YT & correcting their autocaptions already, it's functional (maybe a tad tedious) to remove the timestamps, add paragraph breaks, etc, & then save into a different file.

@marcjones @chendricks If you don't already have a favorite code / text editor, it's a very nice one.

I switched to it from Atom so that I could use the Dendron plug-in, which lets you set up a sort of personal wiki of well-organized notes. (Also @dendronhq on Mastodon )

Having used them for a couple years now, I'm a very big fan of both!

@foureyedsoul @marcjones @dendronhq Oh wow, I’m learning a lot from this. Thank you both! Now to check these out…

@chendricks it probably depends on the format: some subtitle file formats, such as .srt, are simply transcript with timestamp

@xarvos Thank you! I hadn’t known about .srt. Will look into this further.

@chendricks Yes to Skimmability! I won't watch a video that doesn't have at least a basic description. That's why I prefer the written word over video, because I can skim it and quickly decide if it's what I'm looking for.

@chendricks yes, and transcripts can get indexed by search engines to help your content be found as well

@cogdog @chendricks Agreed. When I'm looking for how to do something simple, I've learned to skip videos unless they're very, very short.

@stevefoerster @cogdog Yes! That resonates with me too. I think some people may find videos better than text and in some cases I can definitely feel that way too, but I am very impatient to have to wade through videos without a clear sense of what’s in them that I can get by skimming a transcript.

@chendricks @stevefoerster @cogdog transcripts are good discovery tools! Also it's a general accessibility thing. Videos all by themselves aren't as useful as people seem to think they are.

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