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But here you have people from three instances in a conversation, so there's that.

I have found people to follow by recommendation: someone I follow boosts something from elsewhere into my timeline. The rough formula for this: I started with a mix of about 20 active users, and their prompts created just enough steady growth in recommendations that I developed my home timeline to run at the right pace for me.

Hope this is helpful.

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Yeah, quite similar to what I did. And I found interesting people I would never have found if I had searched for them.

I also did the "look through other peoples' follower list" thing.

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I think that's a big part of my mastodon experience: other interesting people I would never have found by looking. The human algorithm has introduced much more variation than Twitter's endless recommendation of "people who look a bit like you".

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And I think we come back to: all of this would be a lot easier if the interface weren't so awful.

I'm still only using the middle column. The left column shows my posts, but I don't really need that. I think the right column is trying to show a threaded discussion list right now, but it can't decide whether I'm in one conversation or three, and anyways it's in chrono order to it just keeps putting the old posts at the top.

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What do you have in the right column? (The right column either shows what you searched on or selected -- a person or a hashtag or a threaded conversation -- or the local or federated timeline.)

I find it useful for looking back over long running conversations, or persistent hashtags.

Christina Hendricks
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@katebowles @Downes @xldrkp @dajbelshaw@social.coop The left column for me shows all the posts of people I follow, not just my own posts. And the right column is as Kate says--it switches based on what you choose to show there.

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