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Looking for a good place to share slides from my presentations at conferences and the ones from classes too. I have been using SlideShare, but would prefer something more open source and/or that doesn't collect as much data (I'll pay for something that collects less data). Any suggestions?

@bgcarlisle Thanks for the suggestion! Someone else suggested it too. Am looking into it.

@chendricks probably has an 'app' (server program) that you will like. Free and wonderful imo.

@gemlog Oh yes, it might indeed. I have access to sandstorm through an inter-university service in British Columbia, Canada. I can look into that. Thanks!

@chendricks It's cool that you are in UBC (I'm north of you in Terrace, BC), but it doesn't matter where you are. is free and open from anywhere on the planet using any ISP to connect to the internet. Any connection will work, it's important that you understand that. Please share it with your cohort! :-)

@gemlog Ah, I didn't know that! I thought one had to have an instance somewhere, and BCcampus has a hosted instance that I have an account on.

@chendricks Nah. My home instance is in Oz and I'm in northern BC. It doesn't matter. That's what 'federation' is all about.
I'm not sure that following me will be helpful: i'm a geek. What are you taking?

@gemlog I meant I thought one had to have a hosted instance of sandstorm; BCcampus has one called and I have an account on that one. I *think* I mostly get the federation idea here on Mastodon! I have accounts on two instances: here on, and also on I am trying here on because it's made up of people who are in the education field and I teach at UBC!

@chendricks Oh, you were way ahead of me! Already knew about sandstorm. OK.

So, we need to distinguish between two account types: owners and subs (I don't know what kenton actually calls them).

You can just go to and sign up for free (accept the newsletter and get 1GB storage) OR you can use someone else's and be a 'sub-user' after you rx an invite from them.

I just used my github login to get a sandstorm one. This is fun! Do try it.

@chendricks "I thought one had to have a hosted instance of sandstorm;" right, ok, I can see how you might have thought that. I've installed it on my own local pc and also on a vps just for sport. You can do that, but you don't have to. You can just use for free (or freemium).

@chendricks doh! You're a prof of philo! Not a student, sorry! :-)
Anyhow, the internet and philo don't mix that easily.

@chendricks Well, I'm already waay above my pay grade even talking to one such as you, but you can have your own main instance on any time you want for no cost.

@gemlog No way above pay grade! 🙂 I didn't realize people could get Sandstorm acct w/o self hosting. Good to know, thanks!

@chendricks I'm sorry if I misled you somewhere :( You could self-host, you could pay them, or you could just get a free account. Sorry if I wasn't clear about saying that somewhere.
Also, as I glance up, sorry for saying sorry so often, but I'm Canadian and that joke is apparently true! :-)

@chendricks been really busy at new job and 'lost' this thread in mind. Just reviewed it now. Sorry for the confusion. I'll try to keep up better. Please do enjoy Kentonv and the guys put a LOT of work in to it to make it both simple and secure.

@gemlog no worries about losing a thread...I do it a lot. I'm not always on here and sometimes it takes me a couple of days to get back to things!

I do enjoy sandstorm and think it's a great project! Cool to be able to install a bunch of open source apps!

@chendricks There is no simpler way to play with all the server programs that Sandstorm supports. Also the fact that they give you https by default. And for free as in both free and speech.

Of course you could easily set something up in your lab at UBC, but for fun, you could also get a VM on e.g. contabo (or anywhere) for like 5 Euro a month.

There are several places like that one and Contabo which make it very easy and cheap to run instances of things.

@gemlog ok, contabo is new to me. Haven't heard of that one.

I do love the https by default!

@chendricks I see you are a philo prof and not sure how geeky you are... :-) but
ok, actually 7 euro/mo would get you a linux vps, but you have to set it up yourself.

any other searches seem to lead back to me happily promoting it ;-)

free dns including the wildcarding you need: cloudns:

Or do it at home even behind a nat router:

@chendricks Have you received any answer on alternatives to SlideShare? My favourite is (presos are in reveal.js). #AudreyWatters has used SpeakerDeck. Wanted to use SlideWiki, at some point. There are services you can use on your own webhost. More options here:

@Enkerli I've looked at Speaker Deck but the problem is that you can only upload & download in PDF and I'd like to share in editable format so others can revise & reuse if they wish. is an interesting option that I've also started looking into. Can edit with markdown, right?

@chendricks If you're into Markdown, which does allow for really cool things, there are several options, including reveal.js (which is what uses internally). My method is to produce a reveal.js file (with pandoc) to upload in then tweak things in the WYSIWYG. Can't remember precisely if allows you to use inline Markdown in its online editor, but that might work.
To be clear, reveal.js is MIT-licensed Free Software but is freemium.

@chendricks Been using quite a bit over the last few years. The premium plan has been useful to me, but the free one is fine.
But you could host reveal.js files anywhere. Also did that. So, if all you need is hosting and you're willing to do stuff in Markdown, you could do that easily with any webhost. They're standard files.
My favourite feature of is the ability to drive the presentation with a tablet in speaker mode.

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