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Is this a good idea? I don't know yet. Already I'm having trouble deciding what to put on which account, and what to do about the fact that some people are following me on both. I want to post academic/professional stuff to my "personal" mastodon and birdsite accounts, but then some people see them twice.

Sigh. We'll see how this goes.

@chendricks There's also the thing where I want my toots here on to be a little more private, a little harder to find, a little more free for me to be myself even though they could be found by others. I'm both trying to promote Mastodon in general by putting an account on my main website (on the instance) and kind of keep it more small and private for myself to speak freely on Weird balance & not sure will work. #digciz

@chendricks those who follow you both here and over at the bird site are probably literate enough re the use of social media that duplication is not an issue. people will understand

as to being whole and undivided
*thinks about it*
*remembers that I have ten masto accounts for different specific purposes*
I do not think I have anything to say to that

@Sargoth Yeah, probably true! And they can just scroll through the duplicates easily.

And I love your different accounts, especially cat aspect! 🐱

@chendricks it's all about giving yourself permission to write things
and to have that permission be socially understood

bulding oneself a discursive home, as it were

@Sargoth and to have the permission to write what you want where, trying to somehow be different in different places and those who want to see one part can focus on that. Or all of it if they want to take the time.

I tried this before and had one birdsite acct for my classes and one for just me. But as a faculty member I didn't see the need to compartmentalize like that. As almost admin now I feel the need for a more professional persona in one acct & can play in the other.

@chendricks the need to splinter does vary at times. like most things it is not a constant, but a process

I sense it is the opposite of Yoda's famous advice: there is no do, only try ^^

@chendricks I have two accounts to help me compartmentalize. I consider this one to be my "main" account, and I also have one on a different instance for when I want to talk about video games. While education & games can and do overlap, there are plenty of ways they don't.

I've found those accounts attract different audiences, and I think that means they're working.

@theartguy I agree that that probably means they're working. Right now for me my two accounts are pretty similar. The one one was my first and I talk to a lot of people working in education over there. This one has a similar purpose though I'm trying to shape it into more of a professional account where I don't talk quite as much about my everyday life and my cats and such as over there. We'll see if it works.

@chendricks I don't think there's a one-size-fits-all answer

I have a few "hats" myself, and I find the separation useful

I've got @socrates for stuff about this instance, and I even have another account, @bgcarlisle that I use just for tweeting about Star Trek stuff, because I *am* that geeky :P

The Subway Tooter app is good for managing multiple accounts

This is my "main" one, and I find it good to have a "default," but it also took me a bit to figure out what goes where

@chendricks I tried this approach too, but it never worked for me. I always end up mixing things and confusing myself.
After all, I am one single person 😊

@wanderingELT @chendricks I have five accounts on different instances and it annoys me. This one is a new one I've just created. I do this because otherwise I feel I won't be able to find people who share some specific interest I have, hence I've an account for Linux-related stuff other for art, etc., but I'd rather concentrate it all in one account.
I think there could be a feature to link accounts from different instances. Don't you think it'd solve some of those problems?

@wanderingELT @chendricks maybe we could suggest it to the guy who created masto. Being more specific, I thought that linked accounts would allow you to receive notifications from all of your accounts in one place, but have discrete "home" timelines, like it happens now. On the plus side, one of the criticisms federated networks receive is that multiple instances make it hard to know if a given account is really the true account of that person. Linked accounts would solve this problem.

@fredmbarros @chendricks @wanderingELT Best solution I've found so far is "Subway Tooter," the Android app—lets me be on multiple accounts at the same time

But yeah, I'd agree, more sophisticated tools to move accounts among instances or link them together would be great

@bgcarlisle @wanderingELT @chendricks yes, that's the best solution so far - Amaroq (iOS app for Mastodon) let's you do that too -, but then you have to keep switching from one account to another just to see if something happened there, if someone tagged or answered you and so on. I think account linking would be more useful.

@fredmbarros @wanderingELT @bgcarlisle That's how I deal with it on iOS--Amaroq and Mustor both allow you to switch back and forth pretty easily, but you do have to switch. And I forgot to check this instance for two days and so missed this conversation until now!

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