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But now, I am starting a new job where I'm in more of an admin position (though I still count as faculty), and I'm going to be much more "visible" at my uni and beyond. I thought there could be some value in having an instance here and on birdsite where people who interact with me purely re: that position could just read stuff about my academic life. They don't have to see pictures of my cats or the aphids on my cherry trees, e.g.


People wanting to know the "real you" would need to follow all of your personas.

I believe that would be harder for me than I would want it to be.

Christina Hendricks @chendricks

@Algot Yeah, that's definitely a problem. Though I'm expecting that a lot of people who end up following me related to my new job won't care about getting the whole me. That's more for those who want to connect in a deeper way, like through our conversations on

But I'm already seeing how this is going to be difficult. May or may not continue...

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