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Is this a good idea? I don't know yet. Already I'm having trouble deciding what to put on which account, and what to do about the fact that some people are following me on both. I want to post academic/professional stuff to my "personal" mastodon and birdsite accounts, but then some people see them twice.

Sigh. We'll see how this goes.

@chendricks I have two accounts to help me compartmentalize. I consider this one to be my "main" account, and I also have one on a different instance for when I want to talk about video games. While education & games can and do overlap, there are plenty of ways they don't.

I've found those accounts attract different audiences, and I think that means they're working.

Christina Hendricks @chendricks

@theartguy I agree that that probably means they're working. Right now for me my two accounts are pretty similar. The one one was my first and I talk to a lot of people working in education over there. This one has a similar purpose though I'm trying to shape it into more of a professional account where I don't talk quite as much about my everyday life and my cats and such as over there. We'll see if it works.