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@chendricks Not finding your toot about the course through this account but was going to say: even before reading your post, can already guess that you probably want the course to be in a constant state of improvement. Like baristas in the #ThirdWave coffeescene, members of the #DigPedPosse are driven by a quest, IMHO.
Will read your piece soon.

Christina Hendricks @chendricks

@Enkerli You got it! I seem never to be able to rest but always think my courses need improvement. And each time I think: ok, now this time it's going to be great. And it is, mostly, but just not quite enough. And when I look back five years or so I think--huh, why did I think *that* was a good idea at the time? 🙂

@chendricks If you weren't willing to try strange ideas, do you think your courses could ever be great? If so, try the safe route, one semester, and report back. Especially about which students enjoyed the course. Is it those who are already labeled as “good students”? If so, the perpetuation of social hierarchy is “working”. If not, write a #SoTL article about finding a safe path to pedagogy.

@Enkerli Good point about what it means if those already labeled as "good" students are enjoying and doing well in the course but not others. But I don't know how to try to expand the reach b/c if it works for others then it may not work for the first group, etc. Possible to reach different groups?

@chendricks Quite possible, especially with peer-learning.
Will send my comment via email.

@chendricks Something left undiscussed in my comment to your blogpost, is the OER part. Here, Robin’s approach might fit quite well. But so could the collaborative syllabus. Only did that one with smaller classes, but it can be adapted to large ones.
Last semester, used a radical version: was giving learners a large number of options, every week. All the texts came from journals which were available to the uO community. Lot of work, well worth it.

@Enkerli I'm behind! Got your email but haven't digested it yet. May reply here instead of email, so others can follow too if interested!

@chendricks Left a comment on your blogpost but the system didn’t say that it had been received. So, just in case, let me know if it didn’t go through. (It’s more than 500 characters, so doesn’t fit in a toot! 😉 )

@Enkerli I don't see it...I think it didn't go through, sadly.