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@chendricks Not finding your toot about the course through this account but was going to say: even before reading your post, can already guess that you probably want the course to be in a constant state of improvement. Like baristas in the #ThirdWave coffeescene, members of the #DigPedPosse are driven by a quest, IMHO.
Will read your piece soon.

@Enkerli You got it! I seem never to be able to rest but always think my courses need improvement. And each time I think: ok, now this time it's going to be great. And it is, mostly, but just not quite enough. And when I look back five years or so I think--huh, why did I think *that* was a good idea at the time? 🙂

@chendricks Left a comment on your blogpost but the system didn’t say that it had been received. So, just in case, let me know if it didn’t go through. (It’s more than 500 characters, so doesn’t fit in a toot! 😉 )

Christina Hendricks @chendricks

@Enkerli I don't see it...I think it didn't go through, sadly.

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