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Looking for a good place to share slides from my presentations at conferences and the ones from classes too. I have been using SlideShare, but would prefer something more open source and/or that doesn't collect as much data (I'll pay for something that collects less data). Any suggestions?

@chendricks Have you received any answer on alternatives to SlideShare? My favourite is (presos are in reveal.js). #AudreyWatters has used SpeakerDeck. Wanted to use SlideWiki, at some point. There are services you can use on your own webhost. More options here:

Christina Hendricks @chendricks

@Enkerli I've looked at Speaker Deck but the problem is that you can only upload & download in PDF and I'd like to share in editable format so others can revise & reuse if they wish. is an interesting option that I've also started looking into. Can edit with markdown, right?

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@chendricks If you're into Markdown, which does allow for really cool things, there are several options, including reveal.js (which is what uses internally). My method is to produce a reveal.js file (with pandoc) to upload in then tweak things in the WYSIWYG. Can't remember precisely if allows you to use inline Markdown in its online editor, but that might work.
To be clear, reveal.js is MIT-licensed Free Software but is freemium.

@chendricks Been using quite a bit over the last few years. The premium plan has been useful to me, but the free one is fine.
But you could host reveal.js files anywhere. Also did that. So, if all you need is hosting and you're willing to do stuff in Markdown, you could do that easily with any webhost. They're standard files.
My favourite feature of is the ability to drive the presentation with a tablet in speaker mode.