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Christina Hendricks @chendricks

Classes start in two days and I am waaaaayyyy behind in being ready to teach. Yikes. Still making last minute decisions on what kinds of assignments to have and what readings to assign. And I haven't yet finished my website nor the videos I am making to introduce Socrates and Plato next week.

Going to be a long next couple of days...

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@logarithmic_function Thank you! I did manage to get most everything ready in time for class today. More work the rest of the week to finish it all, but most of the prep work is done!

@chendricks Good luck! I feel like spring semester was always harder to start than fall.

@Holly Yes, me too. The problem is that it starts for us really early (started today). So it feels like we just finished last term (which we did, Dec. 22) and then it's time to start up again!

But I got most of it done for today's class so I feel okay about it so far!