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I presented at a conference on using WordPress in education that was held entirely on birdsite on March 29. It was a cool idea for a conference and I'm inspired to think about how such a thing could happen here on Mastodon!

here is my blog post about it:

@chendricks That's always what I've enjoyed most about that site - professional chats, or getting bits of real conferences I'm not at but my friends are. Now I'm really curious that would work - part of me is wondering if there would be a use for temporary instances.

@Holly Oh, Interesting idea for temporary instances! I don’t know what it takes to run one so I don’t know whether it would be too much work or not for a temporary thing.

@chendricks @Holly I don't, either, and that's something I'm really interested in trying - I feel like it would take more than a Raspberry Pi.

@chendricks I have an accepted proposal for a workshop about place for OER18 with Colin & Jason Toal. I was going to withdraw, but Colin said we should talk first...Modelled after Creativity in the Open, I’m game to adding pre, during & post stuff on Mastodon but will need help on site (I won’t be there) and afar. If this is interesting enough to anyone that you’d volunteer to pitch in, let me know. @lauraritchie @thatpsychprof @Cmadland @dogtrax @katebowles @tellio

@Tdorey @chendricks @thatpsychprof @Cmadland @dogtrax @katebowles @tellio I'll help you however I can!!

I'll be there both days. :) (My workshop is on Thurs with bucket-loads of ukuleles !!! )

@chendricks if masto had something like groups/rooms that could be interesting 🤔

@noctiluca Yes, could be. I guess hashtags and lists could do some of that?

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