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Are you interested in open education & (open edu resources)? The conference is this week & even if, like me, you can’t be there in the UK in person, you can chat virtually with some people who are and get a sense of the conference, thanks to a group I volunteer with, Virtually Connecting:

@chendricks That does look really good - I will have to check it out.

@Holly Virtually Connecting is a great group of people; the conversations are quite short because the people at the conference are often busy and tired, so we don't keep them more than 20-30 minutes. But often those of us participating virtually will continue conversations after that!

@chendricks sounds awesome! i'm super pumped about open education. such a no-brainer these days. ;)

@jacobcammack I agree! I have been active in open education for the past 5 years or so, and for me it was like...well soon as I learned about it! :)

@chendricks i'm interested in your experiences in open education and what the state of it is these days. any articles to share are most welcome. :)

@jacobcammack I’m happy to share what I understand but it’s a big field! So many things one could talk about. Any particular thing you might be interested in?

@chendricks hmmm... i'm first interested about the current health of open education as an unfolding movement and it's scope. also, i'd love to hear about projects that excite you and your take on where things are headed.

of course, open education is evolving rapidly and ever more so. it's about to become so dynamic it'll be disruptive. already is but we just don't see how much the internet and free sharing has altered the way we interact and live our lives.

@jacobcammack sorry—been away from Masto for a few days!

I think the health of the movement is strong in one sense—lots of interest among many people. But in another sense, that interest is concentrated still among too few. There is a thriving movement among those in it, but to many that is not even on their radar. I still get puzzled looks often when I use the term. So there’s a ways to go on that.

@chendricks i was wondering if this was the case. i wonder how much it's grown over the last 5, 10, 20 years? those metrics are helpful.

keep up the good work! i think it's great. :)

@jacobcammack I don’t have such metrics, sadly. I think it’s hard to know without serious surveying in many places over time, which I’m not sure has been done.

@chendricks i really appreciate the conversation. i'm very interested in seeing education transformed and appreciate all the hard work ya'll are doing. :)

keep it up!!! 🌻 ✌️ :thinkerguns:

@jacobcammack As for where things are at the moment I’m a little behind because I have not been able to attend many of the big conferences in the last year (can’t afford to go!). But one thing I see a lot in articles and social media lately is an emphasis on open practices and open pedagogy. New website in last couple of weeks, eg:, by a couple of people I have worked with a fair bit.

@jacobcammack I gave a couple of talks this year about open practices, and am doing a two-day workshop in May about that as well. Mostly I’m still trying to wrap my head around what “open practices” and “open pedagogy” mean, and if/why it’s helpful to lump so many things in those under the label “open.” I’ve got a lot of blog posts about this, under the “open pedagogy” tag here:

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