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My 10 year old son asked today: “what is the difference between knowledge and wisdom?” One might think that as a professional philosopher I’d have a good answer. One would be wrong. Especially since I was still waking up after only a little sleep the night before due to a very early morning virtual meeting with colleagues in another part of the world.

So, any suggestions to help my son out? How would you try to explain it to a 10-year-old?

Christina Hendricks @chendricks
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The issue is that wisdom can be defined in so many different ways that I had a hard time with the question. I mean, I have a *sense* of a difference but in my sleep deprived brain (which is still its current state) I couldn’t articulate it well.

@dajbelshaw That’s really interesting and a great discussion starter!

What is wisdom?

for me it is more like this:

(at least this is what my brain said today after looking at Doug's images) You can see the two colours from Doug's progression at the base. It is still all connected :)

@chendricks @dajbelshaw

@lauraritchie @chendricks Oh sorry, I didn't draw that thing I shared. It's just my go-to starting point for stuff like this.

@dajbelshaw @chendricks it's ok if you did! I thought maybe you did because I saw you (very aptly!) doodling yesterday :) -and it is a good thought-starter image

@dajbelshaw @chendricks and it's super-good you got me colouring :) (go ipad pencil!)

@lauraritchie @dajbelshaw I love the flower as a very evocative evolution of the first set of images. Growth, emergence, beauty, ...

@dajbelshaw I think that may be the same Dave White I met at Digital Pedagogy Lab in Vancouver last year. Will check!