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Oh hey I am on track to actually FINISHING a MOOC. Signed up for a 4 week basics course on learning analytics on EdX and I have done most of what is needed for each of the first three weeks. Just one more week to go.

Have learned a lot about using R through Swirl lessons, though I have to say that the ones we were using were pretty complicated overall and not that intuitive always. Seemed to jump around & assume knowledge I didn't have from one lesson to another.

@chendricks "Oh hey I am on track to actually FINISHING a MOOC."

I'll take "sentences I honestly never expected to hear" for $600, Alex.

(Partly because all the figures for completion rates that I've seen have been low, and partly because I know I would never be organized enough to finish one myself.)

@bstacey I agree about "sentences I honestly never expected to hear." The only reason this is happening is because it's just 4 weeks and I'm really interested in the content.

I actually nearly finished a few other ones in 2013 and 2014, but haven't finished any since then. Totally depends on my degree of interest in the topic, the quality of the course, and the interactions with people in it, whether I remain engaged.

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