I also have Sunni Brown's *Doodle Revolution*, which is interesting and fun too.

Here are some doodles I made while working with that book this morning. The last one is an exercise in picturing a future you would love.

Some kind of gorgeous cherry blossoms here in vancouver, BC, Canada--I think it's a type of cherry?

We got a second cat mat for the cats to sit on next to the window so they wouldn’t have to fight over the single one we had before. But now they both love the second one and are squished together on it!

Scenes from a day hike yesterday to Elfin Lakes, BC, Canada. 2 hour drive from Vancouver (approximately) then 3 hour walk there, then lunch, then back. Long day, but gorgeous!

I participated in a "backyard bioblitz" with inaturalist.ca recently, and took a picture of these gorgeous flowers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Some kind of daisy? Or something else?

Found while cleaning out drawers in my office. 3 kinds of Mac mice!

It’s been awhile. I’m here, I’m tired, but it’s a long weekend so I’m coming out of my stress shell a bit.

Here is Mika, not caring at all that I can’t get to all the puzzle pieces.


I have come late to the bread making stage of the pandemic. I needed an extended vacation time to de-stress enough to even want to start baking. First was multigrain loaf. Today is ficelles but they got stuck together.

TIL how to darn. It’s not gorgeous, but it should hold. First darning project!

Pics from a hike halfway up Blackcomb Mountain this week (near Whistler, British Columbia, Canada). Our 13 year old son was not pleased. But it was beautiful!

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