Feminist journal Hypatia has released two collections, free of charge, with previously published work by Black feminist scholars: cambridge.org/core/journals/hy

"How do we support Black philosophers in our field?" by Johnathan Flowers: philosopherscocoon.typepad.com

"For all the efforts for expanding the canon, and even with the APA’s listing of syllabi resources for diversity ..., the organization of our introduction courses, of our field, is still firmly aligned with the view that Philosophy as practiced in the west is the center, and all other ways of engaging with philosophy are to be treated as marginal."

I'm looking for to support the need for . Can anyone recommend me good introductory references? Ideally, it should explain what it is (I assume there's no single way to do it), and/or why is it needed. Thanks!

I’ve been in Canada for 16 years and finally had first beaver sighting in the “wild” (okay, in a Vancouver park but still). Photo kinda grainy.

publishers sue the Internet Archive 


As a scientist and teacher, I will not write or peer-review for any journal from these publishers, nor will I use their books in my classroom, because their emotionally immature stunt risks the collective memory of the Internet.

Whether or not the "National Emergency Library" is ultimately a reasonable idea, there are good ways and bad ways to approach the issue, and Hachette, HarperCollins, Wiley and Penguin Random House have chosen a bad one. For two decades, scholars have been asking, "What value do publishers actually add?" Answers vary, but a bitter "not bloody much" is prominent among them. Undermining our social and technical infrastructure in a time of global crisis only gives that view more weight.

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Here are a few words I wrote about what it's like being black and working in the UK television industry:

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current events 

I've been seeing more people the past couple days saying stuff like "good for [company/white people] saying this or doing that" and I want to remind y'all that the credit goes to the PROTESTERS here

They're the ones forcing the issue

They're the ones out there risking themselves to make everyone stop and take notice

All these businesses and politicians and celebrities would be doing fuck all about any of this if those protesters weren't out there making them. Don't forget that.

Reminder: You don't need to justify taking a break in terms of it being an investment in future productivity

@greyor Thank you! Her litter mate Marco is also very cute and looks a lot like her!

Happy#caturday from Mika next to the hatch going to a roof deck.#mastocat

work stress 

@lauraritchie Thank you! Agreed, there are unexpected and not always entirely welcome effects of all this. Some are nice, though, like my son having a lot more time to do self-directed learning and learning a lot more about things he’s particularly interested in. He is diving deep into math and coding right now.

And the idea of an in-person breakfast again sounds so lovely it brings tears to my eyes.

Wanna master the basics of #OER & Creative Commons licensing? Online course starts in a week. Sign up today: oer.nz/icdelida103-0320 It's free and #opensource in partnership with COL & ICDE, supported by #OER4covid partners: Open Education Global and UNESCO IITE.

work stress 

I thought that I had passed the point a couple of weeks ago where my to do kid was so out of control I was making to do items that said I needed to make some other to do items. But no, here we are again.


Team #IASGE would *love* to hear about how you use version control & code hosting platforms, no matter your level of use or confidence in your skills :heart_cybre:

More info about the research: investigating-archiving-git.gi

Direct link to the survey: nyu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_

please :boost_ok:

WFH mishap 

Actually, this is more like a virtual social hour fail. After a virtual wine/book club meeting I dropped my laptop on the floor with the headphones still stuck in it, and the headphone jack broke off inside the little plug in the laptop.

Fortunately we had very tiny pliers and could pull it out. Even more fortunately I have a spare set of headphones and the connection into the laptop still works. Because there's no going to the computer store for repairs right now.

@ephemeral Oh my goodness...I hadn't logged on here in awhile and I missed this message. Thank you so much for letting me know the book is useful!

In the midst of everything else, there’s this in my neck of the woods.

question for those with Canadian experience 

Is Calgary nice to visit in the springtime? There's a job opening at the University of Calgary's math department which I'm not unsuited to apply for, and I think I'd have a shot at an interview/job talk kind of thing. I know that Alberta is often called the Texas of Canada, but is Calgary the, like, Austin of Canadian Texas?

question for those with Canadian experience 

@bstacey It depends on what you mean by spring. I was there in March one year and it was still very cold & snowy! Visited in summer and it was lovely. Wish I knew more about it being like the Austin of Canadian Texas (I did grad school in Austin!) but I’m not sure. U Calgary has an amazing teaching & learning centre, though!

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