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Research study recruiting screen reader users who collaborate using tech like Microsoft Word and Google Docs to do a 1 hour remote interview. $30 gift card compensation. Read flyer here with contact informatoin to indicate interest. inclusive.northwestern.edu/bvi

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Some pro tips on building an Open Education initiative at your institution from the #OpenEducation pro, @thatpsychprof@twitter.com! wcetfrontiers.org/2019/02/06/s via @wcet_info@twitter.com and @TanyaSpilovoy@twitter.com #OEP #OER

My son has a sleepover at a friend’s house and my partner is away at a conference. So what am I doing on a Saturday night?

Grading, of course. At least it’s quiet here I guess.

@ErikaAlpert It’s pretty amazing. Was done by a local bakery, specially commissioned.

I'm hiring someone to work with me in the new lab we're creating Plymouth State University (NH) to support engaged pedagogies! Please share this listing with your best instructional designers & pedagogues, esp. those with passion for interdisciplinarity & open education! jobs.usnh.edu/postings/31996

“$70 isn’t that much.” is honestly not the response you should be giving when asked how students struggling financially will be able to afford the mandatory digital textbook

My university recently switched its Learning Management System (or Virtual Learning Environment) and we had a party to celebrate successful launch of the new one and decommissioning of the old.

Complete with an ax in the server for the old one.

Kidding...it’s a cake.

One of the students I'm taking to Los Angeles next month just emailed me with homework - HE GAVE ME HOMEWORK and set it for next Tuesday

I LOVE WHEN THE TABLES ACTUALLY TURN! *does happy dance* Some people call it co-learning. Whatever name you give it, this is real learning- when you learn to learn, teach, assess, appraise, reflect, ask, do, give, and share - all as part of a whole.

...time to get working on my homework! 👩‍🎓

Openly Available Sources Integrated Search (OASIS) is a search tool that aims to make the discovery of open content easier oasis.geneseo.edu/ See also oercommons.org/ & other options: cccoer.org/learn/find-oer/ #oer

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We added a new feature today! You can now search by voice in OASIS. This feature is only available on Google Chrome. Let us know what you think or if there are any other features you would like us to consider adding.

December self, planning a course: oh it'll be fine to grade over 100 short answer assignments a few times during the term.

January self grading those assignments: 120 never seemed like so many before.

Next December self: oh, it was totally fine to grade that many short assignments a few times during the term, I'll plan that again.




@clintlalonde I'm not a great help with these things usually because it seems I just forget people as soon as I try to think of them for things like this. But one thing I've been thinking about lately: as much as possible asking those who don't get a lot of exposure or chances to travel but who have really interesting things to say. Spreading the love around, as it were. Not always the same old names but other voices that don't always get heard. Which makes coming up with ideas even harder.

1 librarian, 1 reference event is happening Jan 15-Feb 5: participate by adding much-needed citations to Wikipedia! See here for more: meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/The_Wi

@vvk His views on matter were shared by some others; I'm not sure about his views on life and death, though. The Stoics also thought one shouldn't be so concerned about death, I believe, but for different reasons (though I can't remember exactly at the moment!).

I made a Story Map to introduce Epicurus to my Intro to Philosophy course, in case anyone is interested in that ancient Greek philosopher: arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.

Excellent reflection on listening, being unable to hear, and Miranda Fricker on epistemic injustice, by @mahabali blog.mahabali.me/writing/liste

According to this data, majors make more money through their careers (in whatever, not necessarily as philosophy academics) than other humanities majors: dailynous.com/2019/01/03/philo

A super depressing thing about this chart, though, is that Education is at the very bottom. Really? Because it is *so* important!

Public Domain Day Is Finally Here!.

Copyrighted Works Have Entered the Public Domain Today for the First Time in 21 Years: openculture.com/?p=1059485 t.co/DDetCRTt78

@ahanon Sure! I have learned a lot from others who share their teaching resources and I'm happy to share back!

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