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Christina Hendricks

Idle question for the fediverse and the homies:

are there any journals or scholars looking at the intersections between disability justice, carceral studies, and policing? Anything that looks at the prison industrial complex through the lens of disability? Or vice versa?

@Downes Laura put in a video link earlier in this thread where you can hear the sound. It's rather off putting and not at all what I expected from hedgehogs!

@robparsons @lauraritchie @wion

The Rebus Foundation, publisher of open textbooks and other open educational resources, is hiring: a Marketing Manager and a Product Manager. See here for more information!

@bthall I do fairly often quote scholarly sources that are behind paywalls or in books because I want to get the ideas out there even if (or particularly because) they aren’t widely available otherwise. Again, not consciously before thinking about it now, but I may quote more from such sources to show that my interpretation or use makes sense, when not all can go to the source directly.

@bthall Really good questions! I don’t think I have a hard and fast rule about number of lines, but I am pretty sure I usually quote like just a few sentences at most from any one source. But maybe it’s been more sometimes. Not that I’ve really thought about it too much, but I guess I want to make sure most of the writing is mine rather than a ton of quotes.


Do you use #GoogleForms, #SurveyMonkey or similar services?

Are you happy with your data, and your users' data, being exploited by third parties for commercial purposes such as shadow profiling?

There are #Free #OpenSource alternatives which let you control your data and offer your users privacy, which you can self-host or use online as a service:



#Privacy #DeleteGoogle #Google

@lauraritchie @wion Oh wow—that would be frightening! That’s really not a sound I would have expected from them.

@lauraritchie Oh I wish we had hedgehogs here! They are so adorable. I have never heard one making sounds. In fact, I’ve never actually seen one in person.

Would it be okay if I asked for boosts?

I'm an audiobook narrator on ACX and Findaway looking to build my list. I particularly love narrating books with science fiction and fantasy elements.

If you're an author looking to commission audio versions of your short stories or novels (on ACX, Youtube, or elsewhere!) I'd really really love to hear from you. I adore this work and would like to do more!


#writing #publishing #jobs

@gingerrroot I couldn't agree more. The main downtown library branch where I live literally hired social workers to do outreach with the homeless population in the building. Nothing pushy, but just being there to help if people wanted to reach out. It was controversial, because that's not the job of the library and it obviously meant gov't and other agencies were failing to provide a needed service, but it seemed to help people. I'm not sure if they still do it, though.

libraries are such an important space

not only for free information, but especially for at risk populations and homeless populations

they offer free or very cheap internet access (which allows for finding resoucres, job applications, etc), free access to information, bathrooms, often places have refreshments for relatively cheap as well, etc. etc.

wanting to make public libraries obsolete is classist and just an incorrect viewpoint tbh

@noctiluca Too bad! Well, there’s that thing that we are all human and make mistakes...

If I unfollowed you today on one or another of my accounts it’s just because I was seeing too many repeats on my various timelines and it was getting kinda annoying to scroll through to find the stuff I hadn’t already read on the TL of my other account. So I’m trying to follow people from one account instead of several. Since I read TLs of each frequently I should still see everyone’s toots!

@okf Cool! I’m quite a fan of the history of philosophy so I would probably find the first half more interesting too. I hope it goes well on Monday!

@okf I don't know much about that subject but it sounds interesting! Part of your PhD research?

What's the talk for? A conference or something else?

@katebowles Oh that's so wonderful! Sometimes sharing intimacy across three feet even when generally one doesn't want to, can be lovely.

We're selling my wife's MacBook Pro on eBay but I'd prefer to sell it to someone in the Fediverse!

We'd accept £720 (incl. P&P to UK - ask for other destinations)

@noctiluca Ack! Is it submitted in its final form now? Oh well if so...we all make mistakes!

In some ways I'm kind of sad that my dissertation was submitted before they all started getting put in an online repository (submitted 2000), but then in some ways I'm kind of okay with that because I'm not sure I want that preliminary work to be easily findable/readable! :)

Just got home on Thursday from facilitating a 2-day workshop on and open educational practices at Davidson, North Carolina (USA):

Now I'm working hard on co-facilitating a four-day workshop on teaching and learning in philosophy, aimed at grad students and new faculty in Greensboro, North Carolina (this is the only info on it online):

These are pretty different but both really interesting to work on!