The DOERS3 Collaborative is looking for case study authors for a book-length project centered around valuing open education work in the tenure, promotion, and reappointment process. #oer #openeducation

Relief - doctors saying good things 

@lauraritchie Oh I’m so glad to hear things are okay. That sounds like a very scary time. I hope the relief brings rest and peace.

Communication and Media Studies at York University is searching for an assistant professor doing critical AI and Data Studies work:

This includes scholars focusing on indigenous data practices, social justice, and critical studies of inequality due to AI.

I literally just joined Comm and Media Studies at York yesterday, but if I can answer any questions about this position, please feel free to DM me.

Boosts appreciated.

@bstacey Yikes! That's no good. Is it possible to access the files on the web and download them rather than adding them to a dropbox account that you have to pay for? I.e., can you get a free account (with limited space) but then just download the files from web access to your computer? I'm not sure this is possible...just thinking out loud.

@katebowles @fgraver Yes! I don't know why the official app doesn't support alt text. That's so strange. I use the Toot! app right now on iOS. It hasn't been updated in awhile though and I may switch to Metatext.

To be fair, I worked on it like an hour or so a week for the last while because I’ve been ridiculously busy with work.

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On vacation, took a puzzle I’ve been working on for months. Finally finished!

The vast majority of the heavy lifting putting this new BCcampus #OER collection site together was done by Mel Meyers over the past year prior to her BCcampus secondment ending, as well as the BCcampus Dev/Ops team. So happy to see it finally launch!

Good morning!
Don't forget that you can become a presenter at

It is a fully interdisciplinary project, fully free, fully volunteer run.
We'd love to have you!

@fgraver @clintlalonde @dajbelshaw @mackiwg Ha! Didn’t realize that about Scotch. I am pretty much converted to fluid measurements in litres after years of pints and gallons growing up in the US. i clearly don’t drink Scotch. 🙂

@clintlalonde @dajbelshaw @mackiwg Oh wow that flow chart feels so spot on! I grew up in the US with imperial and have been in Canada 18 years and often wondered at the hybrid system. I still don’t know my height in cm!

survey for female academics and administrators 

From Dr. Erica R. Hamilton c/o Dr. Janice Liedl: Are you a full-time female academic, working in higher education as faculty or administrator? Plz complete this survey about your experiences working in the COVID19 pandemic.

registration for presentations opens Tomorrow!!

You do Not need to be on scholar to present. Summer School is interdisciplinary, so if you have any questions about if your topic fits feel free to DM this account!

We have had topics spanning from bio-ethics, eighth dimensional integers, history & ideology, spiders, and the taxonomy of Swahili.

@TusculumPearson Oh nice, that is very cool! I should share some of these with my son (currently finishing Grade 9, very interested in math and just about every science!).

@foureyedsoul Yep, I lived there from kindergarten until I graduated from the University of Idaho in 1991. Then did grad school in Austin, Texas. Many parts of Idaho are stunningly gorgeous! And yes, politics there is often cringeworthy. My family are some of those voting otherwise! 🙂

I've been doing a series of blog posts on ethics and educational technology. Here is part 4, on an article by Tim Fawns on the entanglement of pedagogy and technology (and their entanglement with contexts, purposes, and values):

Good to think about if you share links to tweets: Lots of people can't see them more than a brief while.

Tweets are no longer open to view for anyone on mobile. To view without restrictions people need an account and to be logged in.

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