Addressing heavy industry is a huge part of fighting climate change.

You know what would have a bigger impact? One we can all do?

Stop driving SUVs.

Stop worrying about straws; until government/industry changes, our best next step is to dump SUVs.

Hello to all, is a new free, encrypted, collaborative project platform with anonymity features.
The site is available for managing each of our projects with your friends, association or your team.
Four features for now:
- a forum
- a calendar
- an interactive map
- and a todo list.

Have fun!

Going to speak at Lakehead Uni in Thunder Bay, Ontario (Canada) and a quick look at the weather reminds me—right, Vancouver doesn’t really have a winter like the rest of Canada does.

@robertwgehl @Cyborgneticz I have found Zotero invaluable for cataloguing new sources. Haven’t tried importing stuff I already have. But it’s great for going to a website and importing things directly in with metadata and all (of course it depends on the journal or other site having good metadata).

My son at a climate rally in downtown Vancouver today, being stark but realistic.

Back home in Vancouver after 2 days on the far east coast of Canada in Newfoundland. I liked St. John’s a lot. Someday would like to see more of the island! View from Signal Hill.

False advertising, St John’s, Newfoundland. No chips were in sight.

I’m flying to St John’s Newfoundland tomorrow. I’ve never been there before. And it’s very far away! Looks like 8 hours flying time from Vancouver.

I’m very happy that students at our university made a successful argument to senior leadership to invest in open educational resources through a fund that faculty, staff and students can apply to to support use, adaptation & creation of !

Happy Monday! Join us in shaping open education futures in New Zealand. Registrations now open for our national symposium. Please share the gift of knowledge:

@lauraritchie Wow! That piece really shows the versatility of the possible sounds on the cello and also your skill in playing. It looks like a physical and emotional workout playing it. So amazing.

Just learned about a Canadian conference on Universal Design for Learning that has been happening biannually for the last few years. It’s in October in Victoria, BC. Looks interesting!

Canada politics 

Brilliant project that tidies up public domain ebooks.

Gutenberg and Internet Archive are wonderful resources, but the texts are poorly formatted for actual use, especially on ereaders.

This is a volunteer driven initiative to bring these texts up to date with modern standards and make them look as good as possible on the page.

Looking forward to digging into this book: Intro to Web Accessibility by the Chang School of Continuing Studies at Ryerson University (Canada).

Learning in a Digital Age online micro-courses start tomorrow! Its free, open source and #OER. Join us or share the gift of knowledge: #highereducation #digitalliteracies.

CFPs are up for sessions on teaching and learning in at the APA/AAPT Teaching Hub Central meeting of the American Philosophical Association. Abstracts sought for sessions on teaching w/o canonical texts, working conditions for philosophy teachers, grad students in teaching, and more. Due Sept. 1.

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