@lauraritchie @clintlalonde Or was it a kind of rebellion against “the man” of university?

Proposals now being accepted for the Cascadia Open Education Summit in Vancouver, BC, Canada, April 2019. See here for info & proposal form: bccampus.ca/event/cascadia-ope

@mmin I find it very interesting too. Because it’s potentially just on the cusp of too problematic, but not everyone will worry too much about it.

@clintlalonde These would be useful for an existentialism class! So depressing though...

@lauraritchie Happy birthday! 45 sounds great to me, and your day sounds lovely.

I turned 50 this year so yeah, 45 seems fine to me of course! Glad it does to you today too!

@mmin Oh, just realized this post is a week old (just got it boosted from someone else). So probably my suggestion is too late! But it’s not so much a black-and-white case I think.

Creative Commons Global Summit is May 9-11, 2019, in Lisbon. See here for the call for proposals as well as application for scholarship to help offset the cost: summit.creativecommons.org/pro

@actualham @jgmac1106 @katebowles @dadegroot @lauraritchie @tdorey @bryanalexander @sleslie Robin’s suggestions are excellent. I’m not quite sure what you mean by philosophy in general, though. Teaching & learning philosophy? Philosophy relating to openness? Something else?

Related to open pedagogy: Rebus Community Guide to Creating Open Textbooks with Students press.rebus.community/makingop

@actualham @katebowles @dadegroot @lauraritchie @tdorey @bryanalexander @jgmac1106 @sleslie Toot also works nicely for multiple accounts. Easy switching back and forth.

Note that for any instance you join, be sure to read the community guidelines first and make sure you agree. They differ.

@actualham @katebowles @dadegroot @lauraritchie @tdorey @bryanalexander @jgmac1106 @sleslie I also am testing out an app called Toot! that is in TestFlight on iOS. I currently like it even better than Amaroq but still in testing. Can find developer if you’re interested in testing.

Dear every university:

Stop bestowing crummy email addresses on us with arbitrary character limits that erase our surnames just because they're "too long" and let us tell you how we would prefer to be referenced.

Hi fediverse!

I'm teaching a class on technology ethics from a future perspective next week and want students to discuss real-life cases of tech and ethical questions in small groups. Does anyone have good suggestions for cases, especially beyond obvious ones like Cambridge Analytica?

I’m taking a MOOC from my own university called Reconciliation Through Indigenous Education. I’ve done a couple of recent blog posts on videos we watched.

On Lisa Jackson’s short film Savage: blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2018/1 (film about Indian Residential Schools in Canada)

On Susan D Dion and Thomas King: blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2018/1

It's :oa: - Here's the Concordia Library web pages to find out how you can take advantage of resources & contribute to the research ecosystem: library.concordia.ca/help/open

With the start of the today the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) released their Open Policy.

This is a great day for all colleagues and me that co-authored the policy and brought open discourses to this point at our university!

tuhh.de/tuhh/uni/informationen (English coming soon)

@malin We are indeed looking for a PhD or someone who is near receiving their PhD. Also we are really wanting to have people with some teaching experience, particularly with first year students, to help understand well what they need in a book. Sorry!

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