Looking for chapter authors for some parts of an Introduction to open textbook I'm helping to edit. Also looking for editor for Aesthetics section. Open textbook is free of cost, licensed to allow re-use (CC BY). This is a volunteer activity; we have no money, sadly, but a lot of enthusiasm!


Here’s my keynote from today’s Pennsylvania Library Association conference. It focuses on the intersection between libraries, technology, and the public good. robinderosa.net/my-blog/

You’re welcome to join into virtual conversations with some people at the Open Education conference next week! Join us with Virtually Connecting! virtuallyconnecting.org/blog/2

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@clintlalonde Ok, well, hopefully that reporting of borkage will help. I agree that this could be a really useful tool.

@clintlalonde Huh. Did you report the error? I bet they want to fix it if something isn’t working! I didn’t try bulk following because I was only one on the list at the time (they created it on my request).

@xldrkp I hadn't thought of it either! The tool isn't really designed for what I used it for (I wasn't really using maps much) but it works for that. And there are so many other interesting things one can do if one looks at the examples on the site!

I made a Story Map about Epicurus for my Introduction to Philosophy class! See blog post here about how I created it as part of a Creative Commons certificate course I'm taking: blogs.ubc.ca/chendricks/2018/0

Here's a direct link to the story map: arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.

@actualham Sounds lovely. I could use a retreat like that just about now. And the term has only just started!

@mackiwg Not necessarily a preference over paper or ebooks. It’s just that I do a lot of long walks or other exercise, and I like listening to books while I do so. Can’t do that with other formats!

Currently reading (rather listening to audiobook actually): John Boyne, The Heart’s Invisible Furies. The characters and story so draw me in I want to keep going for many long walks so I can keep listening. Devastatingly awful aspects of life of a male character who loves other men in 1940s Ireland onwards to (the present? Haven’t finished it yet). But so we’ll written. theguardian.com/books/2017/feb

Please boost.
Fediverse, I have a request.
If you know a woman that is:
-from Ethiopia, Sudan or South Sudan
-Tech savvy
-Has an interest in Digital Safety and Security

Can you have them reach out to me? (DM if you need an email addy instead) We’ve a Safe Sister Digital Safety Fellowship specifically for them, and applications are open until September 28 and I’d like to send them information.

@afterthehyphen I’m taking an online course right now and feel the same way—I’m looking forward to getting grades and feedback, and feel like I’d be sad if I got a bad grade. It helps me empathize more with my students!

@mplouffe @xldrkp maybe check with one of those listed on the trunk front page if you’re having issues?

Hello to those interested in open education and open educational resources: consider adding yourself to the open edu list on Trunk for mastodon, lists of people interested specific kinds of topics! communitywiki.org/trunk

@clintlalonde @vickysteeves

@kensanata Oh, I see you already added me to the open edu list. Thank you!

New blog post from the American Philosophical Association's blog: Practical suggestions for incorporating Islamic Philosophy into your courses, with specific texts for different topics (metaphysics, political phil, etc.), by Peter Adamson: blog.apaonline.org/2018/09/03/

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