WFH mishap 

@ephemeral Oh my goodness...I hadn't logged on here in awhile and I missed this message. Thank you so much for letting me know the book is useful!

In the midst of everything else, there’s this in my neck of the woods.

question for those with Canadian experience 

question for those with Canadian experience 

Excited that Kristie Dotson will be doing a keynote at the American Association of Teachers conference this summer! Note that CFP deadline is Feb. 17.

libraries cannot be neutral (meme & other social media site link) 

It's WORLD PANGOLIN DAY! My timeline does not have enough pangolins on it considering this fact and nor does yours, so please accept this contribution.

@clintlalonde That really is awful. So far my son doesn't feel that pressure, but he's in grade 7 and I expect it's likely to come later. High school is next year...

The Philosophy department at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver (where I work) is inviting applications for an Assistant Professor without Review (non-tenure track position) in Ethics:

Great story about a colleague's project to create interactive, browser-based activities to go along with an in logic: I can't wait to see the results of this project by Dave Gilbert at !

BREAKING Statement from Unist'ot'en Camp 1/n 

@clintlalonde I can see how this might happen, though it’s still too bad. At some ages grades just are what school is about, and your future depends on them. Hard to get past that I’d imagine. Though myself, I completely agree with you. I’d be so thrilled to not give grades but genuine feedback on progress that doesn’t have to be quantified.

Bryan van Norden has an amazing and growing list of suggested readings on what he calls the “less commonly taught philosophies” (at least in N America), including African, Asian, Continental, and more. Great places to get started to diversify readings in courses!

Very intriguing post by Martin Lenz on the important details of why asking students to learn how to ask philosophical questions (in addition to answering) is valuable. Via Daily Nous.

hey! quick reminder for multi-word #HashTags - use CamelCase (ie. capitalizing the first letter of each word) to help screenreaders read them properly


A thanks to folks 

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