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Electronic Frontier Foundation: The Public Interest Internet (blog series) via

Beyond Big Tech “… there remains a wider, more diverse, and more generous world.”

@tchambers @chendricks This, plus chapter 2 of 25 Years of Ed Tech and accompanying podcast are helpful reminders for this 50-something still(?) Gen X-er.

"We – the GenXers – think of the internet as the open web. The land of dialup telnet Unix systems, the days of table layout, the days of dot com, the days of early tech startups, the days of the internet as a connector, the days of the internet as a business opportunity, the days of the internet as a path to social justice and revolutions, the days of the internet as a light in the darkness. That’s all we have ever known..."

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@compostablespork Wonderful—thank you so much!

@Algot Wow, four at the same time! Far beyond me. 😉

I have found it to be very meditative during the high stress of the pandemic. I have to focus on something else, carefully looking at colour and shape. Most other things fall away. It has worked very well for me to relax!

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@compostablespork I’be been wanting to start reading some books by NK Jemison. Any recommendations what might be good to start with?

@Algot Just realized I never replied! Oops!

Well, I think Mika has been pretty stealthy, adding pieces in places I haven’t noticed! 🙂

@dogtrax Thank you...good to return to this community. When I’m really stressed with work (or anything else) I tend to cocoon. Hopefully that will be less as the months go by. It’s been full on with work during the pandemic.

It’s been awhile. I’m here, I’m tired, but it’s a long weekend so I’m coming out of my stress shell a bit.

Here is Mika, not caring at all that I can’t get to all the puzzle pieces.

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Well, I just about on makeup for the day and now I’m crying it all off. Kamala Harris!


I have come late to the bread making stage of the pandemic. I needed an extended vacation time to de-stress enough to even want to start baking. First was multigrain loaf. Today is ficelles but they got stuck together.

@lauraritchie Thanks! I didn’t actually make the mitten though, I just fixed a hole in it through darning. You can see the spot where things are kind of uneven on the right of the image. That’s where I fixed the hole!

TIL how to darn. It’s not gorgeous, but it should hold. First darning project!

I recently started watching the Great Canadian Baking Show and it’s hard to describe how comforted it makes me feel toward the end of this awful year. More cakes! More breads! More pies!

Why does just watching them being made make me feel almost as good as making them? Strange...

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