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Recommended software for DIY video from : Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Free and fast but can't edit. Also Davinci Resolve: free version has 90% of functionality of paid. See more:

Suggestion from DIY video session at for captioning videos: let YouTube do it automatically and then fix the captions. Can download transcript and post

Another suggestion: for $1 per minute captions or transcripts.

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Attending a session on DIY video for education at Canadian Network for Innovation in Edu conference. Great website with lots of resources for this session!

A few days ago I presented at #YGLF19. My slides are online at
There are a couple images from Vilnius in the deck.

Now learning more about Mukurtu CMS: built with needs of Indigenous communities in mind as part of digital preservation system. Grew out of need to manage protocols for who should have access to content and when.

Includes traditional knowledge labels, which are ways of clearly labeling how certain items can be seen and used and by whom. Part of Local Contexts initiative

Need help negotiating publishing rights (or simply retaining your authorial rights) for your article? CARL just released an update of its Canadian Author Addendum to Publication Agreement along with two guides on using it. :OpenAccess:

Tonight there is a plenary with Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, which I’m also excited about. Have read Dancing on Our Turtle’s Back and plan to read more of her work.

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At on Decolonizing Technologies, Reprogramming Education:

All the plenary talks are by amazing Indigenous women! Just heard Alana Sayers speak about the really difficult time she had getting English department at her uni yo accept a reading list (for comps maybe?) with almost all Indigenous authors. There weren’t enough “experts”. She fought & won, though.

Philosophy conference: let me sit and read my paper to you. Maybe I’ll have some slides with most of the text of my paper on them, so small you can’t possibly see it from the back. There won’t be mics in all the rooms so not everyone will be able to hear me or the questions.

Conferences on teaching & learning: [aghast sideways looks]

Me, attending one of each over past few days: moar teaching & learning, please!

I've also blogged today about the history of the term Open Science (a first in what probably will end up as a short series):

Open Pedagogy – A three day seminar at Digital Pedagogy Lab – Dave’s Educational Blog
This was a really useful read to reflect on how to go about fostering self-determined pedagogy. Also @chendricks gets a shoutout.

Nice! a guide on Open Education working groups at higher edu institutions. A work in progress from BCcampus (British Columbia, Canada). Comment using!

We're on Mastodon! A big thanks to Fosstodon for the help! We'll be posting updates and news about LibreOffice, along with tips and tricks for using the software.

home sick; feeling guilty anyway 

Day 3 of being home sick with the flu and missing work. Missed class yesterday, which I almost never do. Feeling really sorry to be missing so much work. But as my partner said, it's actually morally better to stay home and not infect others. Still feel guilty somehow.

hey all -- The Center for Open Science is seeking graduate students, post docs, researchers and academic faculty to participate in survey to investigate the factors that affect the perceived credibility and use of preprints.

It's 20min & you don't need to have posted a preprint in the past to take it:

It's passed IRB also -- IRB Protocol Number: 2192.

Thanks & feel free to pass this on to interested parties!

#scholcomm #preprints #survey

Things that I keep coming back to the Fediverse for 

When other people post about becoming more comfortable with who they are:

It makes me so happy

2019 is the International Year of Indigenous Languages - here's how you can get involved from @superlinguo #linguistics

A project that started as a Digital Humanities project, transfered with the Principal Investigator to various institutions, and has now been copyrighted and monetized under the PI's for profit company. A good example of why understanding Free Culture as a social movement is relevant to Digital Humanities.

* bump *

Research study recruiting screen reader users who collaborate using tech like Microsoft Word and Google Docs to do a 1 hour remote interview. $30 gift card compensation. Read flyer here with contact informatoin to indicate interest.

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