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Christina Hendricks @chendricks

@Enkerli I'm behind! Got your email but haven't digested it yet. May reply here instead of email, so others can follow too if interested!


Do you follow researchers, academics, students, experts, traditional knowledge holders, and others you rely on for insights about specific topics? I would love to find and follow them also! Please share folks to follow with the tag #ScholarSunday and say what knowledge, wisdom, or expertise you follow them for.


(From the idea by Dr Raul Pacheco-Vega, but I'd like to expand it to non-institutional, broader forms of 'scholarship' and expertise beyond just academic.)

The more I interact with people on the more I enjoy the culture that's forming here.

I know as it grows it will change. Some will drift away and it will probably reach a size at some point where we won't know everyone who's active.

That said, if we keep being nice and helpful to each other, it'll only get better. I like that.

@twsh No, not that I can think of. Some people interested in philosophy but no one else focusing on academic philosophy.

@Enkerli I've looked at Speaker Deck but the problem is that you can only upload & download in PDF and I'd like to share in editable format so others can revise & reuse if they wish. is an interesting option that I've also started looking into. Can edit with markdown, right?

@Enkerli I don't see it...I think it didn't go through, sadly.

@Enkerli Good point about what it means if those already labeled as "good" students are enjoying and doing well in the course but not others. But I don't know how to try to expand the reach b/c if it works for others then it may not work for the first group, etc. Possible to reach different groups?

@Sargoth and to have the permission to write what you want where, trying to somehow be different in different places and those who want to see one part can focus on that. Or all of it if they want to take the time.

I tried this before and had one birdsite acct for my classes and one for just me. But as a faculty member I didn't see the need to compartmentalize like that. As almost admin now I feel the need for a more professional persona in one acct & can play in the other.

@fredmbarros @wanderingELT @bgcarlisle That's how I deal with it on iOS--Amaroq and Mustor both allow you to switch back and forth pretty easily, but you do have to switch. And I forgot to check this instance for two days and so missed this conversation until now!

@Enkerli You got it! I seem never to be able to rest but always think my courses need improvement. And each time I think: ok, now this time it's going to be great. And it is, mostly, but just not quite enough. And when I look back five years or so I think--huh, why did I think *that* was a good idea at the time? 🙂

@theartguy I agree that that probably means they're working. Right now for me my two accounts are pretty similar. The one one was my first and I talk to a lot of people working in education over there. This one has a similar purpose though I'm trying to shape it into more of a professional account where I don't talk quite as much about my everyday life and my cats and such as over there. We'll see if it works.

@Sargoth Yeah, probably true! And they can just scroll through the duplicates easily.

And I love your different accounts, especially cat aspect! 🐱

@Algot Nope. Everyone uses the usual social networks, mostly Twitter and Facebook. I don't use FB, only Twitter and here.

@Algot Yeah, that's definitely a problem. Though I'm expecting that a lot of people who end up following me related to my new job won't care about getting the whole me. That's more for those who want to connect in a deeper way, like through our conversations on

But I'm already seeing how this is going to be difficult. May or may not continue...

Is this a good idea? I don't know yet. Already I'm having trouble deciding what to put on which account, and what to do about the fact that some people are following me on both. I want to post academic/professional stuff to my "personal" mastodon and birdsite accounts, but then some people see them twice.

Sigh. We'll see how this goes.

But now, I am starting a new job where I'm in more of an admin position (though I still count as faculty), and I'm going to be much more "visible" at my uni and beyond. I thought there could be some value in having an instance here and on birdsite where people who interact with me purely re: that position could just read stuff about my academic life. They don't have to see pictures of my cats or the aphids on my cherry trees, e.g.

I have two accounts on Mastodon: this one, plus one on I started there, and then created this one because I'm experimenting with breaking up my online personas into "stuff having to do more with my professional life" and "everything else." I'm trying this on birdsite too.

I tried something similar on birdsite a few years ago and abandoned it b/c I wanted to just be whole, myself.

@Tdorey I can't remember exactly how to do it, but it was pretty intuitive.

I couldn't decide whether to make one big card with several checklists, or several cards. The former is cleaner, but it doesn't give you the satisfaction of moving cards to the "done" side very often! :)