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Christina Hendricks

Oh wait, I think I figured out an answer to the question in my last toot. I think this link will show my posts:

Help please: I would like to give a web link to my public posts here that anyone can see even if they aren't on Mastodon. Is that possible? It's for my own website.

This week's #digciz conversation fits well with what some of us have been talking about here on Masto for the last 6 months or so.

Are there online spaces we feel more at home in? Why? How do we learn the spoken and unspoken rules of new communities? How do we welcome others and how do we feel welcomed (or not?).

Mastodon seems a great place to talk about these things. Join in if you wish! See link:

I'm working on planning an Introduction to Philosophy course for next academic year. I've taught it many times and am still not happy. I have numerous blog posts about it, the latest one being at the top of the stack here, and it's about what I think hasn't been working so what I need to change:

1) Please vote tomorrow. Not voting does not get perceived as protest, but as apathy
2) Don't let Theresa May stay in power, please

Looking for a good place to share slides from my presentations at conferences and the ones from classes too. I have been using SlideShare, but would prefer something more open source and/or that doesn't collect as much data (I'll pay for something that collects less data). Any suggestions?

I spend so much time working on teaching during the terms that when summer rolls around I just can't bring myself to work on the weekends even if I have stuff to do because I haven't had a weekend off in months. But this is not a bad problem, really; it's more like living like one ought to live.

Hello! I have an account on and just found this instance so am joining it because I am an academic: I teach philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I'm about to start a new position there as Deputy Academic Director for the Centre for Teaching and Learning, which I'm very excited about!

Glad to see there is an academic instance!