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My class this term isn’t quite done (one more week) and I’m already daydreaming about how I can improve it next time. I mean, things are going pretty well but it could be better. I struggle each year with how best to structure class time to try to engage over 100 students in a first year philosophy class. And I still have much to experiment with and learn. That’s the fun of teaching!

Poll following recent discussions about DM privacy on Mastodon: Should the Mastodon webapp compose screen warn that DMs are stored on the server (accessible by admins)?

#pressedconf18 run by @nlafferty & @Patlockley on Twitter was inspiring, 12 hours of organised #WordPress in EDU tweets. Starting holidays head a buzz, best fun I've had on Twitter for a while. Much better use of twitter than news feed. Blog posts popping up archiving presentations too.

My tuppence worth:

conference taking place entirely on birdsite tomorrow Show more

conference taking place entirely on birdsite tomorrow Show more

I started actually tracking some of my work hours just to see how long things take va how long I perceive them taking.

Today I spent 5 hours preparing for a 50 minutes class. Ok, it was on something I haven’t taught before, but that seems like a lot of time.

Then again, maybe it makes sense b/c I am continually trying to make each class better, and that’s pretty never-ending.

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I think you all will be somewhat amused to know that even though I've spent most of the week fussing over my dissertation (and therefore google scholar), the first url that pops up when I type "scholar" is still "" :3

Re- ! I teach philosophy at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Mostly I teach first year, introduction to philosophy courses. I am also the Deputy Academic Director of our Centre for Teaching, Learning & Technology.

I'm particularly interested in open education, open educational resources, open pedagogy, and the like. Also in accessibility & Universal Design for Learning, and Inclusive Design for courses.

Good news for student in the U.S.: Congress passes $5 million for open textbook grants at higher ed institutions:

Always backup your stuff no matter what.

Just got an email from an academic group blog, site, community etc. that is still ongoing where I was very active 2013-2014 and then bits and bobs until 2016.

Basically, "You have ten days to export and host elsewhere, be deleted, or pay 50USD per year to stay."

Always. Back. Up. Every. Damn. Thing.

Calling all technologists, legal experts, academics, designers, artists, educators, and activists: @creativecommons is holding their Global Summit in Toronto on April 13-15!

Yesterday I attended day 1 of a 2-day learning analytics hackathon at my university. The focus was on students—they were learning how to use and code LA tools, and also coming up with ideas for what kinds of questions/problems they’d like to solve with LA data (aka their own learning data). They come up with some great ideas & I can’t wait to see what they put together by the end of the two days!

Stages of Mastodon:

1. Toots about Mastodon vs. Twitter
2. Toots about Mastodon etiquette
3. Toots about finding people on other Mastodon instances
4. Toots about moving to other Mastodon instances
5. Meaningful conversations with awesome people.
6. Laments about not ditching Twitter OR going dark to return to Twitter
7. Leaving Twitter

As with the stages of grief, order may vary and repetition is possible.

May all your toots be Stage 5.

Gakushuin ISS is looking for a part-time teacher for an academic reading & writing course (twice a week on Tuesday and Friday mornings, Period 1 and 2) to start in April 2018. The minimum requirement is a Master's degree and relevant experience in teaching at Japanese universities. Ping me.

I'm seeing more mentions on here of the Internet of Things, but no mentions at all of the Internet of People or the Internet of Places.

I mean, there's so much more to the Internet of Nouns than just things...

it still blows my mind that there are people all around the world sitting at some sort of device and writing their thoughts into the ether and by sheer "magic" i can see them. there are so many people out there, all of them doing such different things, and with lives just as rich as my own. and somehow you're all excellent.

maybe some of you will read this and be like oh yeah that 0x3f is a person too somewhere, and right this is what they said

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