Book launch for *The OER Starter Kit for Program Managers* by Abbey K. Elder; Stefanie Buck; Jeff Gallant; Marco Seiferle-Valencia; and Apurva Ashok is May 10 at 12:00 pm Eastern Time.

See the full announcement and registration information here:

All of the time I had to be productive before meetings got consumed by an unforeseen swarm of locusts.

My review of Brokhausen, 'We Few: U.S. Special Forces in Vietnam' is available!

Tomorrow at 1pm US Eastern Standard Time, @sebhth is giving a public, online lecture entitled "Developing a Virtual Context for Pompeii's Artistic Landscape". It's free, but advance registration is required.

"The Pompeii Artistic Landscape Project (PALP) is a Getty Foundation funded effort jointly undertaken by the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and ISAW to create a digital tool for exploring the art of Pompeii within its architectural and ..."

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I totally hosed up the questions for the last quiz in three of my classes by uploading questions focused on the old textbook, so I just gave all of the students full credit.

Happy last week of class, folks.

I’m not sure about the setting that hides Tweets behind a warning about its origin, though.

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So, I can get Tweets to post here, but Toots aren’t showing up with Twitter despite setting Moa up to work in both directions.

I finished Brian O’Leary’s *The Making of an Ex-Astronaut* today, and while interesting, I really expected more. His journey from trainee to leaving the program left me waiting for a huge revelation that never came.

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My biggest complaint about Mastodon is the difficulty in finding people.

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I’m not planning to flee this here bird site, but you can also find me @chris_levesque.

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There’s a theme here. I remember a lot of this from going to Mass every week for twenty years.
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Here's a fun game. It's called Karl Marx or the Bible. It's simple. There's a few quotes and you have to figure out if they come from Marx or the Bible. 🧵

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