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Hi all, I'm a PhD student studying quantum optics & slow light media, with a bit of general relativity thrown in.

include guitar, juggling & chess

New paper!

'Metasurface imaging with entangled photons'

If anyone is looking for some maths & programming challenges for fun then take a look at - a friend and I have been competing for a few weeks and it's been very rewarding and interesting

Been avoiding mastodon for a while. Not especially sure why, though it's coincided with a lul in my motivation. What I probably don't need is more hobbies, so naturally I want to start piano lessons in the next few weeks. Also considering learning Italian since there are 6 speakers of it in my group. Learning a language seems like such a grind, though. But I could get lots of practice in, for sure.

I finally put The Hydrogen Sonata to rest last week. Then finished The Wasp Factory in just a few days, which I never manage to do. What a twisted, exceptional book that was.

Not sure what to go with next, more Iain Banks? If not, then Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Her book The Time Traveller's Wife is a candidate for my favourite book ever.

I don't mind progress being slow, but so much of the last few weeks has just felt like guessing. If it's not aligned right then it's not clear how to improve it. Just try again and hope.

Made a second one. Charity shops have loads of cool scarfs that are great for this kind of thing, btw. Did the same for my balls, which I need to make more of.

Made a scrunchie to stop my hair falling into the laser beam. Feelin' pretty.

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There's a new Mastodon server for sex workers: (see @switter for updates).

Dropped my spaghetti in the sink. Absolutely still going to eat it.

I seriously need to get into the habit of writing daily. If I'm struggling to focus enough to write a 300 word abstract then I'm in trouble.

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I don't think I could bear the shame of sending a 'Reply All' to an email list, let alone if I had 'Sent from my iPhone' as the signature.

Around 17 universities in the UK are being occupied by students in solidarity with the UCU members on strike. Really impressive to see this kind of action & support.

Here's a UCU message about the resounding rejection of the deal with UUK that was proposed yesterday.

Partly disappointed this was even considered, because it was such a bad deal; partly hoping it was a tactic by UCU to gain a strong mandate for future negotiations. I worry that hope is naive - the deal said classes would be rescheduled, which is a terrible precedent undermining any strike action. This message makes no mention of that point.

Supercooling is where you bring a liquid below its freezing temperature without it actually freezing. Freezing needs an impurity or nucleation site to get started, so I figure shaking the bottle makes bubbles which sets it off.

I've only ever seen supercooling done with very pure water - with stuff from a tap, the usual impurities are enough to stop it remaining liquid. Quite surprised we pulled it off with cider, then.

Found a video from a few years ago when we supercooled cider. Think our lecturer was offering full marks on a test or something for anyone who managed to supercool water.

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no time to be sad, christy, you've got packing to do