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I think I'm going to try out Arch Linux. Something is not clear to me: if I follow the main installation guide on the wiki, it's not going to erase Windows, right? But I should set up partitions beforehand, probably?

@christy You need to follow the instructions very carefully, read the once before you start too if are worried about this. You'll need to resize the windows partition first, so you have free space to install arch next to windows.

I think it's up and running! Even managed to connect to eduroam, which is never a mean feat.

Didn't destroy my Windows partition, either. Everything's coming up Milhouse.

I've been using awesomewm for the last few years. Might play with i3 a bit but I think I'm quite happy with my awesome config.

@christy I was a big awesome user for a while, until I got fed up with writing LUA just to configure things. That's the main reason I moved to i3, the config format is much simpler. Have you used polybar, that's my new thing :)

Been using i3 a bit the last few days and I like it a lot. As far as I know awesome never had a working tree tiling mode so this is really nice.

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