She waddles when she walks and does this little dance when she wants food

I adopted this chonky baby a month ago. She's called Lambie, she's an arthritic 11 yr old, and has eyebrows which I find hilarious

I was going to work on my slides for thursday but tonight's meal was all the cider and pies I could consume soooo maybe not

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How many physicists does it take to plug a mac into a projector? 🤔

@aelius I always think of diffraction spikes when I see this:

If your camera iris isn't circular then this might be the explanation but I can't really think why you would see it with your eyes. What happens if you tilt your camera/head?

Joined the university's beekeeping society earlier this year. Here's a bee bum for your viewing pleasure

We had our paper rejected by a reviewer who made a mistake in their maths. Sent an appeal to the editor who wrote back explicitly saying that they only allow appeals on grounds of a technical error; rejected us anyway. Super frustrating.

If anyone is looking for some maths & programming challenges for fun then take a look at - a friend and I have been competing for a few weeks and it's been very rewarding and interesting

Been avoiding mastodon for a while. Not especially sure why, though it's coincided with a lul in my motivation. What I probably don't need is more hobbies, so naturally I want to start piano lessons in the next few weeks. Also considering learning Italian since there are 6 speakers of it in my group. Learning a language seems like such a grind, though. But I could get lots of practice in, for sure.

I finally put The Hydrogen Sonata to rest last week. Then finished The Wasp Factory in just a few days, which I never manage to do. What a twisted, exceptional book that was.

Not sure what to go with next, more Iain Banks? If not, then Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Her book The Time Traveller's Wife is a candidate for my favourite book ever.

I don't mind progress being slow, but so much of the last few weeks has just felt like guessing. If it's not aligned right then it's not clear how to improve it. Just try again and hope.

@paanvaannd what sort of thing would you come across in aerospace medicine that distinguishes it from any other medicine?

Made a second one. Charity shops have loads of cool scarfs that are great for this kind of thing, btw. Did the same for my balls, which I need to make more of.

Made a scrunchie to stop my hair falling into the laser beam. Feelin' pretty.

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@noctiluca There's a couple building a nest across the road from me. I hadn't realised how complex their nests are - they even build roofs.

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