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A favourite feature of Mastodon, the ability to subscribe via RSS. So, please don't feel anxious at the lack of followers, because a good RSS reader (e.g. newsboat) is a good alternative to read posts! :)

CW another rant about the failure of free software in education 

CW The inevitable UK government U-turn in awards of exams grades 

Less defensiveness, more open access mentality amongst government technocrats would help. What are they scared of? Better people out there? Weren't they the best people for those jobs, remember? ;)


CW The morning after the furore about fairness in exams grades 

CW Chemistry as gateway subject; media obfuscation 

To arrest the (UK only?) decline in popularity of chemistry, need to promote greater relevance. How to overcome the propensity to hide multimedia...


CW MIT Unhangout virtual conference software 

Curious about MIT Unhangout ( Today, 30 July, why not have a look at 'Kalāheo Small Communities' ( In session,to 01:15 UTC

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my two big tips for PhD students:
1. be very skeptical of doing anything that's not putting a roof over your head or going in your dissertation.
2. try to make it so what's paying you is also going into your dissertation.
3. BONUS TIP: it helps if your ideas work, but if they don't, fail quickly. don't fail slowly.

CW critical analysis of education researchers 

Technology allows historically marginalised voices such as teachers, to be heard. Some will not like that...


CW failure of open source educational software 

CW SARS-CoV2 societal inequity 

Inequality ≠ inequity. If the demographic of the decision maker resembled the foot soldier, would certain demographic death rates be so different?


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