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""Bickering amongst ourselves that got us in this state...Amerikkka aint really sick this is what Amerikkka really is..."
KRS-ONE returns...

Hello. Can anyone recommend a gnu/linux distribution that can run from removable media, onto a microsoft machine _without_ administrator permissions? The scenario is to use various gnu/linux software (LaTeX, R, jedit, etc.) but within a microsoft windows environment. Computer is part of educational network (school). Thanks.

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my two big tips for PhD students:
1. be very skeptical of doing anything that's not putting a roof over your head or going in your dissertation.
2. try to make it so what's paying you is also going into your dissertation.
3. BONUS TIP: it helps if your ideas work, but if they don't, fail quickly. don't fail slowly.

CW critical analysis of education researchers 

Technology allows historically marginalised voices such as teachers, to be heard. Some will not like that...


CW failure of open source educational software 

Yes, thanks for the correction. So for this thread: "CW SARS-CoV-2 schools' closure"

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Schools to re-open, regardless of whether childrens' minds are ready. Give them all an enforced holiday to September. They may return with a better attitude; parents included!


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Video calls 

Hot take: turning video off in conference calls removes many of the useful visual cues and makes it harder to engage and concentrate.

Of course some people may have bandwidth issues and need to do so, but don't force everyone to please.

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