Hello! Scholar.Social is excited to host the second , a free, indisciplinary online academic conference - roughly spanning 7/26-8/4 🌞

We'll be looking for: people to help organize, moderators for the presentations, and presenters! Stay tuned for more details đź‘€

You can check out past presentations here: summerschool.scholar.social/


Would appreciate to see open source software utilised, e.g. MIT Unhangout, unhangout.media.mit.edu/

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@citc @SummerSchool Not on the account right now, but we and most people are more familiar with jitsi and zoom. I, personally, don't have the energy to put in to become familiar enough with another program to use in a way to keep the space safe. Additionally, we have gotten up to nearly 30 people and this platform it looks like can only have 10.

@Cyborgneticz @SummerSchool
Not sure where the limit of ten derives, but since the decision has been made, ignore the suggestion! :)

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