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hi all,
I'm a researcher studying community activist workshops (, makerspaces), mainly in Europe, from a Science and Technology Studies perspective.

foregrounding socio-environmental opportunities, , , , and .

adore as part of ethnographic research and all-round poetic goodness.

finally saw Nope and now I'm manic on dopamine

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Forget about Design Justice, they said. It's not practical, they said. What impact will it have?, they asked. No engineers will ever care about this, they said :p
RT @schock
TT job in #designjustice/STS/engineering studies at Lafayette College:

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Of course I am promoting Fediverse in my classes.

When I finished my lecture today, a student came to me, asking about my mastodon handle. He is a fellow Mastodoner!

Even though slowly, it is happening--young people care about privacy, data ownership, and decentralized network.

where does one watch / stream What We Do in the Shadows (series) when in SE or FI? my sis is in CA and keeps feeding me spoilers about the new episodes and it is becoming soul destroying

p2p crypto hysteria 

dude 2: "oh, are you one of those leftie woke-ies who tried to cancel culture our cardboard guru dude4?"
dude 1: "um - I actually established the p2p facebook years ago. cardboard guru dude4 took over its administration and kicked me out. is that the kind of beneficent p2p horizontal community based society you want?"
dude 2: "this is an outrage. you are uncivil. I now denounce my Friendses with dude1 and dude3 on dude1's own timeline which I dominated with my opinions."

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p2p crypto hysteria 

facebook: dude 1 post on his own timeline about Greta and "left and right".
dude 2: "there is no left and right, p2p is the future. commons. p2p. commons. techno-utopia. blah blah."
dude 3: "dude2, that evoking of the "commons" is such bs empty posturing. what you actually foster behind empty promises of p2p-commons is dissolution of effective public governance over shared resources, trolling, making the organizing of structurally disenfranchised very unsafe. so bruh!"

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Communication and Media Studies at York University is searching for an assistant professor doing critical AI and Data Studies work:

This includes scholars focusing on indigenous data practices, social justice, and critical studies of inequality due to AI.

I literally just joined Comm and Media Studies at York yesterday, but if I can answer any questions about this position, please feel free to DM me.

Boosts appreciated.

2-year postdoc researcher at the University of Helsinki

"The appointed candidate is expected to perform research on Nordic forest policies using qualitative methods while working in the context of an interdisciplinary consortium involving three Universities."

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Our new paper analyzing non-state spaces within a world-systems framework has now been published in the Journal of World Systems Research. We analyze movements like the Makhnovists in Ukraine, Spanish anarchists (1936-39), and insurrectionists in the Athens, Greece neighborhood of Exarchia, alongside anarchistic spaces like Palmares, Chiapas, Rojava, and others. Full PDF article here:

"We are looking to hire a postdoctoral researcher with a Ph.D. in education, or a related field, at the Indiana University School of Education.
The position requires work across two NSF-funded projects related to the study of and engineering education. We are looking for someone with strong skills in social science research methods and analysis, writing, and a demonstrated interest in STEM education. ..."


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OK francophone fedi your time has come at last :ablobcatbongo:

any of you interested in helping to translate some Black radical & revolutionary theory from english to french? if so, hit us up or feel free to tag anyone you know who might be interested. we'd like to start translating texts from french to english eventually too. :boost_ok:

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Stumbled upon the Radical Open Access Collective, a collective of scholar-lead, not-for-profit presses:

How could I miss this for so long? I have been following the work of many of their members...

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Ever wondered how those "publish quickly in our Scopus indexed journal"-scams work? Here's one example, where they hijacked a domain and sold paper publications until Scopus noticed.

for those of us in the design field, the typo DESING is extremely common while annoying;
few know however that this is actually a thing that happens when designers go to the karaoke bar after a conference and punters have to deploy desinging actions

I'm gaining huge academic adulting points this week

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This is a really nice and thorough overview of the relationship between human values and how they are enacted (or not) in our social feeds - important read!

Stray et al (2022). Building Human Values into Recommender Systems: An Interdisciplinary Synthesis arXiv.

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