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hi all,
I'm a researcher studying community activist workshops (, makerspaces), mainly in Europe, from a Science and Technology Studies perspective.

foregrounding socio-environmental opportunities, , , , and .

adore as part of ethnographic research and all-round poetic goodness.

new book from the LeNS family (Learning Network on Sustainability)

Designing Sustainable Clothing Systems
The for environmentally textile clothes and its Product-Service Systems

anti-woke, continued from 

I'm packing books (and too much other stuff) - send thoughts and prayers 😭

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How is grassroots organizing changing? From mutual aid within our neighborhoods to public goods on the blockchain, we’ll hear from local and online organizers on different tools and practices we can use to create impact in our communities. Talks start at 6:30pm EDT, followed by Q&A and discussion. 🧡

Topics & Speakers:

- Mutual Aid and Organizing - Dean Spade
- Blockchain and the Left - The Blockchain Socialist
- Politics and Mutual Aid - Paperboy Prince

wow, once the trees' leaves start coming out and the grass starts growing everything suddenly turns green like POW!

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I wrote a piece in The Conversation about how are reshaping . Tl;dr: Indie podcasting will continue to thrive thanks to , but will find itself overshadowed by professionalized content and platform-centric monetization.

calling researchers of

the for Fab Island: Designing Emergent Realities is now open. abstract deadline 15 June

Research Stream chairs @trox @ckohtala

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I'm trying to channel what energy & focus I can muster on learning how to create zines. If anybody has a tutorial they have used that helped lmk! I'm absolutely awful at type setting software lol

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Anarchist propaganda I made and distributed at school today :D

hahaha I have to pack and move house (twice - "it's complicated") and am being as neurodivergently excellent and efficient at it as one can imagine. /s
asked for help on fb on certain days, carrying boxes from the moving truck, and then - knowing that I'm going to be mentally and physically wrecked - sarcastically scheduled a day for kalsarikäänit.

now people are wanting to actually come to kalsarikäänit and are emailing about it 🤣 omg I'm snorting

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#DesignJustice & games for change!

Yadav, P., Taboada, M. B., & Vickery, N. (2022). Agency at Play for Collective Impact in Human Services Systems: ... Digital Games for Change as Design Justice Interventions. In Social Justice Research Methods ...

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#DesignJustice for information science! Floegel & Costello. "Methods for a feminist technoscience of information practice: Design justice and speculative futurities." J of the Association for Information Science and Technology 73, no. 4 (2022): 625-634.

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#DesignJustice for universities!

Goodyear, P. Realising the Good University: Social Innovation, Care, Design Justice and Educational Infrastructure. Postdigit Sci Educ 4, 33–56 (2022).

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SoLow Fest, Theme: Reinvention

A #DIY #festival dedicated to presenting new work that is accessible, diverse, and "so low to the ground" (low-maintenance, low stress, etc)—in a collective manner.

June 17-27, 2022
#philly #Philadelphia

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