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hi all,
I'm a researcher studying community activist workshops (, makerspaces), mainly in Europe, from a Science and Technology Studies perspective.

foregrounding socio-environmental opportunities, , , , and .

adore as part of ethnographic research and all-round poetic goodness.

hey fediverse - who uses Lightroom cloud? experiences? I'm going to be living moving between two cities and wondering how to handle my photography management

P2P Left created a Code of Conduct for online groups. Feel free to use and adapt for your own communities.
Caring Community Guidelines:

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One of my favorite things about the instance is that when I come here with a question, I almost always get an answer. I never feel like I'm shouting into the void.

It's one of many vibrant communities I'm grateful to be a part of online.

I spent some time reflecting on what makes the online spaces I enjoy work.

Here's what I came up with:

that trial 

a cautionary tale - about the P2P Foundation. this is typical of it (posted around 6 Nov on fb)

experiencing some trauma about losing my university work email at the end of this year which I've had since 1996. (full-timer only since 2011 but before that either a student, hourly-based teacher, thesis advisor or project worker)

interesting small journal I've just discovered: Journal of Open Law, Technology & Society
used to be the International Free and Open Source Law Review

surely there is a bannon pinker hair cross-comparison analysis forthcoming

my doctoral advisee brought me flowers today 😭😭😭 having learned that my contract is definitely ending at the end of this year.
happily it seems I will be able to continue as her advisor - as an external

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Ooh – Becky Chambers has a recent novella which is apparently solarpunk. I very much enjoyed her Wayfarers books, so will give this a read for sure.

on research on :
if you're a lab manager you've probably received many, even dozens, of requests to fill out a survey.
I'm collecting those surveys so if you know the survey maker and/or where the survey data is published and/or where survey results have been published, please let me know!

I will soon have two academic job offers on my table.
please help me collate crucial decision criteria: eg
-% research time
-level of secondhand culture /antique shops in city
-number of local arthouse cinemas
-difficulty level of local language
-flight time from current home city
-expected course size (no of students) and subject areas
-sense of autonomy
-ability of future boss to navigate dept /uni politics
-level of public transport/bicycle commute in city
-ease of finding housing

another question for academic fediverse + :
does your national, university or field specific doctoral programme have any interesting special rituals? e.g. in Finland + Sweden the dissertation has to be on public display in the uni library 10 days before the defence. In Sweden there's a ceremony where the candidate + supervisor go to the library + physically nail the dissertation to the wall!
in Finland some PhDs get (i.e. can buy) a doctoral sword. (not my field unfortunately.)

field(s) is design, arts, architecture so natural sciences data not really useful.
more like qualitative interviews, autoethnography + documenting of one's own design, craft, art, architecture practice, analysis of others' practices, etc.
usability studies, user experience studies, etc.

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hey academic Fediverse and ,
does anyone have any data / data analysis examples they would feel comfortable sharing w newly started doctoral students? are they posted online somewhere?
e.g. I will be sharing pseudonymized excerpts fr my fieldnotes (ethnographic participant-observation methods) + examples of how I analysed (based on Clarke's Situational Analysis)

Alexandra Elvakyan must just love all the adoring commentary when someone publishes an article about scihub, especially when she's called a girl.
I've just scrolled through 5-10 comments of dudes who admire her work, all calling her 'girl' - that girl is a real hero. the lawyers are going to keep fighting that girl. etc.

the whole glueing themselves to buildings and infrastructure they do is imo just fantastic tactics and attention grabbing.

all concern troll comments about "discomfort" and "disrupting fossil fuel infrastructure and private car traffic" related to XR will be ignored and probably blocked 🖕
go away and read something about social movements and their impact over the decades / centuries and then the latest IPCC reports

prof and I had a tutoring zoom open all day for students to pop in with questions about their projects.

student came in and wanted to check something with me (not the prof) so we went into a breakout room and he proudly showed me the renderings for his project and the 3D test prints that had come out really well and were the perfect size - he was so rapt he just had to come and show me ☺️

did make me feel like a mummy or auntie tho :D :D :D

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