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hi all,
I'm a researcher studying community activist workshops (, makerspaces), mainly in Europe, from a Science and Technology Studies perspective.

foregrounding socio-environmental opportunities, , , , and .

adore as part of ethnographic research and all-round poetic goodness.

White paper: 'Women, welcome to discrimination 3.0', by Genoveva López
"Aurora Gómez, a psychotherapist specializing in digital behavior and gender, points out that for a platform to be considered feminist it must seek equality on three levels: 'With users, with workers and taking into account behavior with other companies and providers.'
'Technology reproduces the biases we have in reality, it reproduces what society already is...', says Sofia Scasserra, economist..."

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surveillance capitalism 

tl;dr: @doctorow argues that the problem with surveillance capitalism is not tech, but capitalism.

Weak antitrust laws have created monopolies that use their excess capital for regulatory capture, leading to even stronger monopolies. The solution is to break them up.

This is in contradiction to what Zuboff argues in The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, which makes a tech exceptionalist argument about the qualities of surveillance capitalism.

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super pleased to have this published!
we look at engagements and how to better conduct PD projects (and write them up).
PD and is often reported as a method study or single case study, leaving a lot of important stuff out. how methods, strategy, mundane work and design co-constitute each other is crucial - how designers do "translation" work in orchestrating collaboration

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due to a large number of requests we've extended the deadline for full papers to 29 July
contributions for the COVID-19 global emergency
Strategic Journal

due to a large number of requests we've extended the deadline for full papers to 29 July
contributions for the COVID-19 global emergency
Strategic Journal

warning about a journal - or at least one article 

if you are a futures studies scholar note that this article somehow got through peer review at the Journal of Futures Studies, which appears to rely on anecdata, far-right literature sources and Koch-funded thinktanks (to support claims, and not as discourse to be analysed).
maybe this a one-off oversight, as the journal is normally just a regular outlet for futures studies.

Springer Nature has released these publications related to structural racism and police violence as open access

Cambridge University Press is releasing a number of books open access on Protests, Policing and Race until 12 July

question for . how do you organize your refs? meaning, your pdfs as well as your literature in your reference software? in folders? no folders and relying on tags? according to field/discipline/topic?
I need to revisit and slowly improve my current system.

What I mean is the cloudburst
(Which drenches us
and makes us huddle together
in the cold
Pickup our
only shelter.)

- Sidney Goldfarb, Solar-Heated-Rhombic-Dodecahedron, 1969

(cited here

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a man
is blessed
who assists
in the building
of a solar-heated-
rhombic dodecahedron

I don’t mean
To say technology
Itself is holy
(though that too
may be
an element)

I mean
heat rises.
Rocks preserve heat.
Assymmetrical dwellings
can stand by themselves
if properly arranged.

I mean the shovel
in my hands.
I mean
the cottonwoods
by the river.

I mean the dark
scent of dust
nudged up
by a few
new drops
of rain


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Crass language; Techbros 


this is where I wish that academia could come together and actually build a fucking commons

imagine a massive nextcloud instance federated together from all unis globally. collabora online to replace google office suite. nextcloud talk to replace google meet. nextcloud deck for trello. all self-hosted in each institution and then federated to make sure people can ALWAYS talk to each other/collaborate cross-institution

(i wish this for everyone ever too)

P2P theory today: (1) conflate twitter mobs with informed critique.
(2) amplify disgust at twitter mobs directed at cultural/academic conservative voices w considerable platform + power
(3) ignore/disregard twitter mobs directed at POC academics manufactured by 8chan/far-right

"The poem below lists the reason why it is emotionally and physically costly for Indigenous, Black and racialized people to hold spaces for other people to learn about their complicity in systemic harm. Read the poem once and pay attention to the different kinds of responses it evokes in you. After you have read the poem once, read the instructions that follow for the second part of the exercise."

'A feminist coven in the university'
"this article describes our backlash to the catastrophe of the neoliberal university, in the form of a feminist coven. The coven is both a theoretical space and material relationships between graduate students. ... According to Ahmed, ... ‘we need to work on the university when we work at the university,’ (‘Sara Ahmed,’ n.d.)."

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